Return of the last survivor
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Return of the last survivor


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What is Return of the last survivor

Return of the last survivor is a popular web novel written by the author Shadow_Magus, covering REINCARNATION, SYSTEM, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, ADVENTURE, LEVELING, ACTION, SURVIVAL, MODERN, WAR, SHOUNEN, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 1M readers with an average rating of 4.6/5 and 44 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 104 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Merlin, the strongest human elementalists remaining, is fighting the otherworldly zombie monarch; Zero, along with the rest of the handful survivors of the human race. However, Zero suddenly grins and unleashes a truly terrifying attack wiping out everything. However, when Merlin opens his eyes, he is alive, and back to the time just before it all started. Before Zero, before the zombies, before the apocalypse. Now he must move forward in order to protect those he couldn't before, and change the fate that awaits Earth.

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Awesome book! I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it! Well laid-out characters in a very well-written setting alongside good dialogues. Love the book! Keep writing, author-san!


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It's me. I feel like this will be a better novel in terms of writing than my previous one; Sovereign of Divinity. I will be publishing chapters on both of them, maybe twice a week. Thanks you


Well the story is written pretty nicely. It binds the reader with story urging them to think what's next will be there in story for them. The characters bulid up is also great with their skills. Overall the apoloclyps theme is well suited too . There is not much grammatical errors which is nice again but I feel there is too much information and explanation give.You could just casually describe a character or a scene without adding additional details . No doubt story has great potential 🤗


I love this novel. It's an interesting story with excellent storytelling. It has the making of a story that simply yearns to satisfy your desire. It's a fun apocalypse novel with some game elements added in to make it funnier. You won't find any of that cringe about protagonists and their personality, never questioning what the MC does, he just does it. He doesn't have to explain the scientific knowledge about his actions, and if you have any questions, the author answers them in the comments. It's fun and tells the story of a guy being himself. He's just himself, not some cold guy who kills everyone for the lady kind of random cringe with lots of dark thoughts. There is not any filler like in other novels, when there an enemy we don't have to bore through several texts of how some guy fights his zombies. We get to see the outcome. Fun! Keep it succinct!


The author knows how to make his storytelling interesting! I really like reincarnation to the past novels and this story has a potential to compete with the top ranking novels in the future if given the time. Congrats in advance author! Hope you will make review on my work called Lumia: Other World.


Really fun and well written survival story. The pacing is really good, chapters just fly by really fast. The writing is very detailed, you can get a good grasp of what is going on. The overall is story is good, with the premise of a mc that has information on the situation and is using it to gain advantage in the battle being a very cool one. The magic elements sorta feel like they're just there for the sake of being there though. I feel this could just have been a zombie story with a mc that has inside information and we wouldn't lose much. Also wish we would get less narration and more dialogue at times cause the dialogue is really fun.


Alryt, nice story I must say. Your writing quality is great. You got a nice flow I give u that. But you might want to cut down your paragraphs in your second and third chapter. Cos in those chapters, you have lots of important info... So making it long, made my head ache some more with my headache. I had to focus so much or I wud av lost what the paragraph was saying. Normally a paragraph shud b btw 3-5 if I am not mistaken. Little or no typos, great book n plotline author. It shows author knows what he is doing. Added to my library, would love to see where this is going. Nice work, keep it up.


This is a well-written novel. I cannot wait for the next chapter. The author has outdone him/herself. The amount of detail this novel focuses on is just amazing. I did have my doubts but as the story progressed, all dissipated and I started to truly read the novel. I am loving this.


good book went a fast though but enjoyed it and craving for some story Arc too well it could be a bit of like other novels but still a good read


I like the story's content. There are few grammatical mistakes, but ignoring those, it's going pretty good. The plot is interesting, character development is worth the wait. Hope for more updates, thanks Author-san.


The story is progressing smoothly with character development. Also you should add more tags that correlate to the story like kingdom buildings, city building, etc.


If you like reincarnation stories and system stories with a good strong lead this should be a good story for you. LOVE THE STORY LA LA LA LA LA LA


The story and the past is good and the development of the story is like a smooth water flow but have u thought that when the acloplyse started human laws will not crumble very fast and the mc behaves like when he is from the past because humanity will not crumble in a day at least it will take a week or so. In my opinion aurthor u have disturbed the flow of river when he trash talks those police officers because everyone has a self respect and will not bow down easily so that’s the very clear that u have messed the story Sorry for the harsh words and if u read it u can read some other authors writers work and u can gain some insight. I don’t know how u good reviews thought they didn’t even pointed out simple mistakes 😞 Even though it wasted my time typing I like your world background hence i thought I pointed these things if not readers will get disappointed and will leave the novel 😑




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Although I’m not a big fan of apocalypse novels, I do like zombies and undead stuff especially necromancy eh I’m getting off topic anyway I recommend this novel I tried it as a heck but I actually liked it so do try and give it a shot. I’m an author myself and I know that shadow strives for improvement so if u can do help him, he will always ask for it I know that for sure.


Amazing Story, The writing style, the vivid details, the progression of the story, Everything is done excellently. Just the details and the amazing progression of the story is enough for readers to understand the efforts put into it. I don't really read apocalypse stories, but this story hooked me up. Read all the chapters and you will be amazed 😍


The story is very interesting and the dialogues exchange is also very good. I will definitely follow this book till it's end The plot was unique and immediately piqued my Interest. The story development was also well in pace. Not too fast nor not too slow. I could feel the author's unique writing style and I liked it.Author did a great job in describing scenarios.All in all author did a great job and looking forward to read more. I will definitely give 5/5 to encourage author and for his/her hardwork.


The book was very good. The characters and the way of the story creations and the way they explained was very good. Very interesting story and the way it goes on is also very good.


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