9 Return of the Immortal mage chapter 9-- The crowd

The next morning Jinsang went to the academy along with Shen xixin and at the entrance of the academy there were two crowds who were fighting with each other. Jinsang ignored them and passed by then suddenly a crowd stopped him. Her noticed that one of the two crowds had Jinsangs picture in a heart shape while the other crowd had a big cross on his photo. In one crowd there were only boys and in the other crowd there were only girls . A person came out from each of the two crowds. The boy who came out said :

"I am the representative of Shen xixin fan club and we are here to protest and kick you out of the academy because you dared to hurt our idol and harm her reputation by putting her in a hypnotism spell and then even dared to put her holy body on your dirty and wretched arm "

The girl cut his talk and said that

" I am the representative of Jinsang fan club and we are here to protect Jinsang at all costs and to stop other girls from approaching him. He showed us his manliness and strength in yesterday's match. It is now clear that he is the most handsome,powerful and brilliant person . We all fell for him at the first sight. We oppose you and we would never let our idol Jinsang to be kicked out of the academy, your Shen xixin should be grateful that Jinsang took her on his holy and charming arm".

Jinsang says "Can I ask you a question, representative of my fan club?"

The representative immediately replies " Of course, my love you can ask me as many questions as you want I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. "

Jinsang asks "When was this club created?"

She replies "This morning" .

He gets surprised and says "Holy Shit! So how did you manage to get these much people to side with you".

She replies" It was your love that took these people here"

Although in reality she dragged all these people here early in the morning.

The two crowds started quarreling with each other . Jinsang understood that these groups were gonna have a long clash. The academy's bell rang and the group's didn't stop fighting with each other . Jinsang got impatient,he took Shen xixin who was trying to stop the fight in his arms and then jumped over the crowd .

Everyone looked at them.

This boys got angry thinking that "Jinsang took advantage of Shen xixin ". The girls got jealous thinking that "Why Jinsang was carrying Shen xixin in his arms like a princess ". Shen xixin was flustered at the thought of her position. While Jinsang only thought of the class.

At last they both reached the class at time but at the recess. A group of men came to Jinsang's class and said "You are the one who beat up Shen xixin. She is our boss girl and you beat her our boss will take revenge for her. If you have the guts then come at the same place where you beated her it will be your burial place."

At off time Jinsang went to the arena. It seemed to him going to the arena was a daily routine.

The men came with their boss and said "Be prepared to be humiliated by our boss. He is the one who is ranked 29 th in the whole academy, the one and only Mazhong. Are you afraid?

Jinsang showing no interest replies" Can we please start the match"

Mazhong comes on stage and casts his first spell which is earth shaking fist. By this spell his hands turn into a hard ,sturdy rock tremendously increasing his strength. He then rushed to punch Jinsang.

Jinsang said"Although this move can increase your strength it in exchange decreases your agility ".

Mazhong was surprised how Jinsang got his weak point so much early in the match.

Jinsang jumps in the air and then kicks Mazhongs back so hard that he falls straight on the arena floor and collapses

Jinsang then announces " I can't come to arena everyday so if anyone wants to challenge me he can come tomorrow altogether. I also challenge all the rankers to come tomorrow as i am gonna take their ranking. So they should come if they dare.

The end

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