8 Return of the Immortal mage chapter 8--The challenge

After all the classes he forgot that he had offended Shen xixin. He got ready to leave and he found Shen xixin at the academy gate. He just greeted her and passed by. He went home and trained as usual. Then at morning he came to school and took his classes and beat up a bunch of challengers and the day went by. Just like yesterday he found Shen xixin at the academy gate and he again greeted her and went by. He had totally forgotten about his offend to Shen xixin.

On the third day Shen xixin lost her temper because no one had ever treated her this rashly not even her father. She went to Jinsang's class and shouted at him

"You, Jinsang no one had ever offended me like you did. I challenge you to a fight. You have to come at academy arena at off time or no matter what" .

People started gossiping that Jinsang has offended the cold beauty and she was going to teach him a lesson. This news got to the ears of Jinruoma she thought that it was a good chance to use Shen xixin anger to cripple Jinsang. She went to the cold beauty's class and said to her by weeping:

"Miss Shen Jinsang has treated me very rashly and harassed me please I'll give a 1000 mana crystals just cripple him."

Shen xixin understood that it was a trick of Jinruoma to cripple Jinsang she stood up and said to her that "As I remember your Jin family is not so weak that it has to rely on others so I request you to not take advantage of my Shen family, if you want to take your revenge take it yourself and I don't want your filthy mana crystals ".

Off time occurred.

At off time many people came to watch the fight.

Jinsang got confused he thought that Shen xixin was only famous for her beauty but he didn't know that she was ranked 30th in the whole academy.

He got on the stage and got ready to fight and says to Shen xixin that

" Hey xixin! I am warning you I don't know why you're doing this but if would suggest that you don't do this I don't want to hurt you ".

" Hmph! We'll see that who will be the one to get hurt ".

The match starts and Shen xixin casts her spell which was thousand wind blades.

" So your type is wind but it will not help you in any way. "

"I don't want to hurt you Jinsang just bow to me and ask for forgiveness"

" Xixin get it a real man never bows to anyone ".

She sends all her thousands blades towards Jinsang. He casts his spell inferno wall. All the blades get extinguished Due to the intensity of flames. He then quickly gets to Shen xixin back and presses her mana point to faint her. He then carries her back to his house in his arm . When she wakes up she finds herself in an abandoned and rundown house. Jinsang comes towards her and says :

" Don't be afraid you are in my home and now tell me why did you attack me ?"

She pouts her face and replies "Don't you know yourself why am I doing this? "

Jinsang is clueless about what she is talking about " I really don't know why you're doing this ".

She gets mad and shouts" You said that I was cold and ruthless and didn't even said sorry to me".

"Hey I didn't knew that you were the cold beauty and I didn't said sorry because I forgot about it. Why do you even care about it people say many things about you like that you don't have a heart or you are a boy or you like girls" .

She mumbled that I don't even know myself spent am I getting so worked up about it.

He said to her " Can you say it again I didn't hear you clearly. "

He puts his ear closer to her.

She shouts in his ear "I don't care I just don't want my reputation to suffer" .

Hey! Don't shout in my ear.

She pouts her face again

Jinsang sighs and says " Ok, I am sorry. How about that I take you to a restaurant to eat. "

She thinks to herself that " Is he asking me on a date but we just met a few days ago should I agree or not what should I do? "

Her face gets red.

Hey if you are busy then I can cancel the plan.

She replies " If you insist so much maybe I should agree".

The end

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