49 Return of the Immortal mage chapter 49--Arrival at Imperial City

Jinsang called for the members of the special forces one by one. They all came and fought fiercely with the beasts assigned to them by Jinsang although some beasts were a lot stronger than their fighters but still many did not even hesitated to even wager their own life. The test went for a whole day without any break and after the test had ended the result was quite good as only 4 people failed the test but this result was shocking for Hanning who after seeing the strength of the beasts thought to himself that not many members of the special forces would be able to take part in this year's competition between the special forces. Jinsang had already called for a teleportation mage and then ordered the members of the special forces to go back to the training camp. As the members passed through the portal they saw a lot of food at a table they all were surprised after seeing it. Jinsang came at front and then announced that

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