4 Return of the Immortal mage chapter 4-- Imperial academy entrance exam

The entrance exam had started. The instructor chanted a spell and suddenly the ground transformed into a stadium.

The test will be consisted of three parts : physical strength, mana affinity and last mental strength.

Let's conclude the test with 1st part Physical strength. All of you co!e to the stage one by one and punch at this magic circle with all of your strength. Those whose strength will be evaluated at least 1000 pounds will only be considered as pass.

All the applicants started coming on stage one by one. Many of them failed the test because 1000 pounds is not a easy target.

Jinruoma's turn she punched at the magic circle and got a result of 1374 pounds and during the time she was coming down from the stage she kept teasing and belittling him.

At last it was Jinsangs turn, as he got on the stage there came a wave of insults for him. He ignored all these insults and then pretended to land a heavy strike at the magic circle although that punch was only a casual punch. The result was 1000 pounds. Some were surprised while others still mocking him. To any amateur person that punch would've just seemed like it drained out all his energy but as for some professional people such as the instructor they could easily detect that punch was a casual punch. Only at the first part of exam the number of participants were halved.

The second test was of mana affinity at this every participant would've been given 24 affinity stones. Those who can light at least 13 affinity stones will be considered as pass.

Many failed due to even one affinity stone and when it was Jinsang's turn the all 24 mana affinity stones shone so much brightly that the testing stadium was out in. Nearly all of the participants were surprised due to this light. The instructor immediately understood this situation and said that " there was a problem with the affinity stones that made them glow with such brightness".

Everybody started saying " Oh yes! The instructor is saying correct how could that trash even emit such a powerful light".

Let's not waste any time and conclude to next part of the test.

In this part of test your mental strength will be tested. You will be placed in an illusion in which you will face your heart's deepest darkest demon. If you can get out of the illusion within 5 min you are considered pass. Suddenly, Jinsang is engulfed in dark and he sees his brother who killed him Jinrong coming towards him. Why are you here? You are not even worthy of being my deepest darkest heart demon. He emits such a powerful Aura that the illusion is destroyed within seconds and the instructor himself backs up.

After 5 min pass instructor says " those who have passed the test they are being given Imperial academy insigma on their right hand by showing this insigma they can enter Imperial academy".

The next day Jinrong comes to academy. He walks while being absent minded and is suddenly blended within a crowd he doesn't know why the crowd has collected so he asks a person about it. He replies that she is Wang sixi. She is now of the most beautiful girl in campus and is also 2nd ranked in Imperial academy. So, she is from Wang family and this all ruckus is created by her. Well in my opinion all this ruckus for one person is not worth it.

After that, he went to search for his campus room. When he founded it,he heard that there would be an mana attribute test. Jinrong to test his attribute out his hand on the attribute crystal it was fire.

So, the first layer of silver attribute gives me power over fire attribute. I wonder what other elements will I be able to gain at other layers? I get excited just by thinking about this.

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