28 Return of the Immortal mage chapter 28--End of Jin family

As Jinsang cleared the tower the top floor of the tower lighted up and seeing this light all the members of the Zhang family gathered near the tower. The Zhang family head and it's elders were standing at the front. When they all saw Jinsang coming out of the tower they were shocked as they sent many people to look for him but in vain and also because as Jinsang came th tower !lighted up. The Zhang family head went towards Jinsang and said that

"Are you really Jinsang?"

Jinsang replied yes. Then the Zhang family head took a sign of relief and asked from him about what happened to him at the tower. He said that

"The mana at the tower was very dense and rich so I thought to stop and train for some time" .

The Zhang family head asked from him about how many floors had he passed. Jinsang replied that

"I have completed this moonlight tower trial I went to the 15th floor and passed."

Jinsang takes out the Phoenix feather and shows it to then and says that

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