2 Return of the Immortal mage chapter 2--Fixing the mana core V2

MuZongyu bursts into laughter and then replies to Jinsang that.

"Let's see how a country bumpkin like you will be able to beat the Mu family master. If you can withstand three attacks from me, then I will give you the snow deer antler myself, and apart from it, I will pay for your bill; how bout it."

Jinsang thinks that although his mana core is still poisoned and can not use any mana, with sheer strength and tactics, he can even defeat MuZongyu. Jinsang smiles and then replies MuZongyu that:

"MuZongyu, not only can I withstand three attacks from you, but I can even defeat you."

MuZongyu gets angry as he thinks that Jinsang was getting too much cocky and he was underestimating him. He says to Jinsang that:

"Boy, if you can defeat me, then not only will I kowtow to you, but I will also call you my grandfather."

Jinsang agrees and then says to him while getting ready for the fight that:

"Kowtowing is enough. I don't want to have such an ill-mannered grandson. It will harm my reputation greatly."

MuZongyu bursts into anger and then rushes to attack Jinsang. MuZongyu was a fire attribute mage. Along with being a fire attribute mage, he was at the middle stage of beginner mage. Although it was just a beginning stage for Jinsang, it was quite a large gap. Jinsang dodged MuZongyu's attack MuZongyu then turned towards Jinsang's way sharply and punched him with all his might. The punch landed on Jinsang, and he got smashed into a wooden table.

He then quickly jumped to MoZongyu's back, and then he attacked MuZongyu's vital point with a sharp piece of wood he had picked up from the broken table. MuZongyu fell onto the ground. Jinsang went close to him and then put his hand on MuZongyu's head and then said that:

"So Master MuZongyu, when are you gonna kowtow to me? I'm awaiting your kowtows. Oh, but I'm afraid that you won't be able to kowtow to me now cause I have paralyzed your body by hitting your vital point."

After saying this, Jinsang gets up and then takes the things which he had ordered from the shopkeeper and then says to the shopkeeper:

"Mr shopkeeper, the bill is on him. Be sure to take the money for the damage from him also."

After saying this, Jinsang gets out of the shop and then goes to the forest to fix his mana core. Jinsang finds an isolated cave in the woods and then sits there. Jinsang takes out his heavenly fire and then puts all the ingredients in it.

* The heavenly fire is a fire used in alchemy, and it is a tough fire to cultivate. It is considered one of the best fires for alchemy. after it is cultivated, the fire gets attached to the soul. It does not matter which body uses it as long as the body contains the soul. It was the exact reason Jinsang was able to use the heavenly fire even without using his mana core.

Jinsang makes the pill from these ingredients and then eats the pill. Jinsang then focuses on repairing his mana core. After an hour, Jinsang finally fixes his mana core. After fixing his mana core, the next step was to choose a core foundation technique. Luckily, after fixing his core, Jinsang was also able to access his knowledge sea.

*Knowledge sea is linked to a person's soul, and it contains all the techniques a person has comprehended in his entire life. As Jinsang was the IMmortal Mage, he had comprehended most of the techniques, which was a great blessing for Jinsang.

Jinsang sat down with his legs crossed and then focused on entering his knowledge sea, and after a while, he finally entered it. There he started to look for a good core foundation technique. As he was looking around, he saw a pitch-black book which he had never seen in his life. Jisnag went to it out of curiosity, and just as he touched it, his knowledge sea was filled with blinding light. After a while, the light disappeared without any trace. As Jinsang opened his eyes, instead of a pitch-black book, a golden book was there, and on it was written "Heavenly Foundation Technique."

Jinsang chose that technique and then started comprehending it. After an hour or two, Jinsang built the mana core foundation. Apart from the foundation being built, the stage of mana flowing was also done by itself. Now the only thing that had left was for Jinsang to test his mana attribute. Jinsang was sure that his mana attribute would be the same as his previous life, The Lightning attribute.

Jinsang checked his attribute, and just as he had expected, it was lightning. Still, there was another attribute in his body, and it was a golden-brown attribute. Jinsang started comprehending it to test what type of attribute it was. After two hours of comprehending the attribute, Jinsang got the fire attribute. He had reached the second layer of fire attribute. That attribute had a different attribute in it, but it also had an astonishing speed of comprehending.

Jinsang had just hit upon a jackpot, but Jinsang could not understand where he got that attribute. In his previous life, he had never seen this attribute and never even heard of it. This attribute was quite strange and a lot powerful to be a natural attribute. Jinsang kept thinking about the attribute, and he did not felt how the time had passed. He had been thinking about the attribute for two hours, and now it was nightfall. Jinsang decided to call it a day and get some sleep as it was gonna be a long journey for him.

.After having a good nap, Jinsang woke up early in the morning and then went hunting the animals to improve his strength. Jinsang founded many vicious beasts in the wood, and it was really good because they would drastically improve Jinsang's strength. Strength was the only thing that made the people falter, and a person with strength is the only one to be respected and feared. It is an old law that:

"There is only the survival of the fittest."

The entrance test for the Imperial Academy was also just a few days far, and Jinsang had to get enrolled in it for the continuation of his path to returning to the Immortal Mage title. It was also necessary so that Jinsang could control the zhang hong city. Jinsang kept practicing without any break in the days which were left until the entrance exam. Finally, a day before the entrance exam, Jinsang came out of the woods, and Jinsang had achieved greater results than he had imagined. He had achieved the last stage of beginner mage, and he had also achieved the second layer of the fire attribute.

Jinsang shouted that

"Four influential families, get ready as the Immortal Mage is coming for you."

The End

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