1 The war

The Magical land...

The war was over and the smell of blood filled the air. Bodies of soldiers and the ashes of the dead was all over the place. Queen Zenobia was standing at the centre of the battle ground staring at the tomb of evil lord Kal, the one who caused this disaster.

Her body was covered with wounds but she could not sense any pain as the pain in her heart was stronger than the ones from her wounds. In this battle she had lost her everything. All those whom she could call her family, her loved ones were dead, hundreds of great worriers sacrificed their life's in this battle, innocent life's of her citizens were taken. Once a city that looked like heaven on earth had now become a graveyard due to one persons desire to conquer the world.

Still fresh blood was dripping from the sword in Queen Zenobia's hand as she stared at the tomb. The people around her were grieving for the loss of their loved ones but still happy as the war had finally ended. Only she knew that this was not the end but just a small pause to it. She has sealed him in the tomb for now but not permanently and she has to get things ready for the day when he rises out of it again.

Zenobia's minster of affairs, who is also her teacher 'Chanakya' approaches her. My queen you need to get your wounds treated before it gets infected and it's not good for you to stay here for long as there might be diseases that can start to spread due to the decaying bodies. But she stood there like a statue that could not here what he was telling her which made him let out a huge sigh and he just stood behind her waiting for some reaction as he could understand what she was going through and his heart was bleeding as he could not do anything to help her.

After some time which felt like decades to Chanakya she finally spoke, guru dev get a maze built around this tomb and make sure no one can come near it for around a 100KM from all four directions. All those dead should receive a royal death ceremony but do not bury them instead burn the bodies to ashes and from today all the dead bodies will be burnt and not buried. After giving this command she just turned and walked towards the palace.

Chanakya was in great shock, rooted to the place where he was standing after hearing the words that she just told. By the time he got his sense back Zenobia was already near the gates of the place, he ran as fast as he can to catch up to her. He called Zenobia's name again and again as he caught up to her, he said sorry for my language 'what the fu*k are u saying, did you have any idea what kind of chaos this will create, we can't get in between the religious rituals and we are not in a state to handle the problems that arose from it now'. Guru dev it's necessary and I know our citizens will understand as 'the war has not ended it has just began.


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