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Return Of The Cultivator


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After thousands of years, Louie had reached the pinnacle of his peers. He outshone everyone around him after countless years of hard work and determination. But after a incident he was killed and his last thought was his regrets in life. ————————————————————— In the year **** a game was released called ‘Realm’. It was the most awaited game in history as everyone was looking forward to it; young, old, healthy, sickly and the rich and poor. Everyone didn’t want to miss out on the first fully immersive game where it was so realistic it could be seen as a second world. ————————————————————— Notice: The cover is not mine, I found it of Google! The credit goes to the artist respectfully. Also the novel may not be good at the beginning due to me being a beginner in writing so I hope you can push through the horrible writing and enjoy it for what it is!


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