7 Yu Minglang's Gift When They First Met

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Chen Xiaoqian was once again stunned when she saw the little fresh meat1 who resembled her daughter running toward her.

Yu Minglang took something from his pocket, slipped it in her hands, then left quickly before she could even respond.

When Chen Xiaoqian returned to her senses, she looked down and saw a muscle injury patch in her hand.

Did he notice that her leg was injured?

Chen Xiaoqian felt warm and fuzzy inside. The urge to wash her hands faded. A bubbling feeling that should not have surfaced began appearing in the depths of her heart and her face blushed even more.

"This is a good man. He's good-looking and tall too. He looks like a caring husband. Much better than Ni Jianren. That b*stard ran away!"

Jia Xiufang's voice brought Chen Xiaoqian back to reality and her reddened face cooled down.

Bah! Yu Minglang was extra friendly when he saw a girl. One could hardly tell Yu Minglang for someone who knew how to pick up girls at his fingertips, but he knew! How unprincipled. Bah!

Yu Minglang ran far before he turned on the wireless radio that was hung on his ears. He gave no explanation even when he was being reprimanded by his boss.

Qiao Zhen used binoculars to watch Chen Xiaoqian and her mother in the laundry shop from afar.

"Little boss, the target has moved to the second level. Ground floor is for business and level two is where they stay. The name of the shop is Bai Taling Laundry Shop!"

"What nonsense are you looking at?" Yu Minglang glared at Qiao Zhen.

Qiao Zhen laughed. "Little boss, you have a thing for the girl, don't you?"

"I'll send you to the North Pole branch and let the polar bears take care of you." Yu Minglang continued to glare at him. 

Qiao Zhen stopped joking. He picked up the binocular and continued to observe the situation while muttering to himself.

"You like that pretty girl, don't you think I didn't figure that out. The medicine patch you gave her is the one you made at home. Usually, when I asked from you, you won't give it to me."

Little boss' mother was an authoritative figure in the field of orthopedics and her medicine patch was very useful. However, the little boss never gave that to anyone.

"You're built rather roughly, do you even need that? I say, you're harder to kill than a cockroach. The patch is for humans, why would you want it?"

"I'm human too. Why won't you give me one?"

He had never seen the cold boss being so helpful to a stranger before. It was true that he ran back there and shove the patch in her hand!

"The mission to investigate overseas will be assigned to you."

"No! Little boss, my bad!" Qiao Zhen pondered if this was the legendary wrath of the cold-blooded captain?

Mm, he was close to the truth.

Jia Xiufang still cursed and swore when she got home.

"Ni Jianren is absolutely useless!"

Chen Xiaoqian took the fruits that Ni Jianren left and walked behind Jia Xiufang. She hugged the medicinal patch in front of her chest.

"Yo, you're back! Why did you buy so many fruits?"

The staff of the laundry shop was a woman in her thirties. She must be wearing S-sized clothes as it was so tight, it displayed her impressive body—despite the fact that she looked average.

She put down the iron when she saw Chen Xiaoqian and Jia Xiufang return, welcomed them passionately, and helped to take the fruits. Chen Xiaoqian's expression changed when she saw her.

"The b*stard bought the fruits."

She dodged Qu Xue and brought the fruits upstairs.

"What happened to the kid?" Qu Xue had her hands hanging awkwardly. She did not understand why Chen Xiaoqian, who was usually close to her, was acting so cold all of a sudden.

"When we were on our way home, Aunt Qi's son ran on the streets and chased us, then…" Jia Xiufang switched on her storytelling mode.

Chen Xiaoqian was already on the stairs when she saw her mother—who appeared shrewish but in fact, she only knew how to nag—chatting happily with Qu Xue, the homewrecker who would seduce her father away in the future. Chen Xiaoqian stopped walking and yelled, "Mom, come to my room, don't disturb Qu Xue while she's working!"

The kid had always called her Aunt Xue. Why did she call her by her full name that day? Qu Xue noticed that Chen Xiaoqian's attitude toward her changed. She quickly changed the topic and tried her best to fawn on Chen Xiaoqian.

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"Qian'er, Jianren is so good to you! He bought so many fruits for you even before you're married. He'll be a good husband."

Usually, Jia Xiufang and Chen Lin would be very pleased when she praised Ni Jianren. They would be proud if they got a good son-in-law. However, Qu Xue's repeatedly inappropriate bootlicking ended up backfiring.

"Stop chatting and start working!" Jia Xiufang placed the anger she had for the b*stard son-in-law on Qu Xue.

Jia Xiufang went upstairs and sat on Chen Xiaoqian's bed that was in her bedroom—a room in the attic.

The first floor was for business, the second floor was the living room and two bedrooms. The sun-faced bedroom was for her brother and her parents took the smaller room. They left Chen Xiaoqian to take the attic. Taller individuals had to stoop to avoid hitting their heads.

She suspected that her 160cm height was due to her living conditions—living in the small attic for a prolonged period of time. Her parents were too biased. They gave everything good to their son but not her.

"Why were you so rude to Aunt Xue? She's straightforward, but she has no bad intentions and she's usually nice to you. I've told you many times that although she's working for us, she's a distant relative. You can't treat her with disrespect. You…"

Blah, blah, blah, and the nagging began.

Chen Xiaoqian looked at her mother. She was a fierce and hard-working woman but her qualities were drowned by her nagging facade.

Her mother worked very hard without complaining. However, because of her nagging, her father found comfort in Qu Xue.

According to calculation, her father already had an affair with the woman, who was great at being pretentious and gentle. They had been together for about a year now but her astute and fierce mother was being made a fool and kept in the dark over it.

In another six months, her mother would find out. She would cry, shout, and take her menopausal symptoms for granted to stir up a terrible scene. Then, she would stop once she had stirred up enough trouble before bringing all her uncles as well as some weapons to her mother-in-law's place, hoping that the old lady would help her.

Going to the man's family when the man made a mistake was a stupid move. Not only did it fail to convince her father to come back, but it also made grandmother angry. Although her father did not have the intention to divorce her mother, the humiliation cemented his decision to divorce Jia Xiufang and marry Qu Xue.

In the movies, things rarely ended well for evil homewreckers. In reality, however, the business became more and more successful after Qu Xue and her father got married. 

Chen Xiaoqian could never forget how Qu Xue drove a million-dollar Land Rover to visit the down-and-out Jia Xiufang after marrying her father. The saying that 'good things will happen to good people' was a lie was made to comfort people.

A kind but stupid person would usually not have a happy ending. In fact, evil women were mostly smart and lived a happy life. Was Qu Xue not a prime example of that?

Unfortunately, Chen Xiaoqian—a woman much more evil than Qu Xue—had been reborn again in that life.

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