9 Xiaoqian’s Trump Card

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Ni Jianren knew that it was embarrassing to run away like that so he stayed at home until it was dark outside.

In the evening, the family closed the door to the courtyard and set the table for dinner in the courtyard.

Chen Xiaoqian was used to having delicacies and luxurious food. Plus, she placed great importance on healthy meals. She did not have an appetite when she saw the home cook dishes.

"This is Manchurian wild rice, it's a southern dish. I saw it in the market, so I bought some. Here, have some." Qu Xue sat next to Chen Xiaoqian and opposite Chen Lin.

Chen Xiaoqian moved her bowl and said, "I don't want it."

Qu Xue's chopstick hung in the air awkwardly. Chen Lin was about to receive it with his bowl when Qu Xue gave him a look. Then, Chen Lin looked down and continued eating. Chen Xiaoqian curled her lips.

It was revolting.

Some things seemed normal when one was not aware of what was actually happening. Once aware, it became utterly revolting. 

"Why is Dalong not home yet?" Chen Lin asked about the son. 

"Who knows, he said there was extra class in school. Maybe he'll be back later," Jia Xiufang said.

"Internet café." Chen Xiaoqian had a poor appetite probably because she knew Qu Xue cooked the dishes. 

"What nonsense are you talking about? Your brother just started his third year in middle school. He's going to take his high school entrance exam in one year. He won't go to places like that!" Jia Xiufang pushed her daughter.

"You can go to the internet café and see for yourself."

Chen Xiaoqian knew her brother's character very well. He was spoiled by their parents and he never amounted to anything. Chen Lin hid the university admission notice in hope that he could save the money and pay for his tuition in the future. However, Chen Zilong worked so 'hard' that he did not even get into high school.

"What's wrong, Qian'er? Is something bothering you?" Qi Xue noticed that Chen Xiaoqian did not smile at all after she came back.

The look in her eyes was particularly scary. It was like nothing could be hidden from her. Qu Xue was being extra careful when speaking to her.

"Father, Qian'er's leg was injured. Go buy some medicine for her after dinner. I think the medicine we have is not good enough." Jia Xiufang thought her daughter was bothered by the pain.

"How did you injure your leg?" 

Jia Xiufang did not mention anything. Hence, Chen Lin did not know what happened in the afternoon.

He was playing mahjong in the afternoon and did not have an idea that his wife and daughter were beaten by a crazy man. 

"It was Aunt Qi's son, he escaped and said that Chen Xiaoqian and I were RB imperialists. He hit us with a stick," Jia Xiufang could talk on and on once she opened her mouth.

Her story was all over the place and it took her five minutes to finish it in the correct order.

After listening to the story, Chen Lin got angry. He smacked the table with the bowl.

"You stupid woman! How could you just come home straight after Qian'er was hit?"

Jia Xiufang was fierce to the others but she was afraid of Chen Lin. She spoke in a softer tone when she saw he was angry.

"I was looking for medicine for Qian'er…"

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"That has nothing to do with it!" Chen Lin did not care about whether his daughter was in pain. He smacked the table and scolded Jia Xiufang.

"Aren't you a fierce one? Why didn't you reason with Aunt Qi after her son hit our daughter? Ask her to pay for what the son has done! Qian'er is about to be married... Just say he broke Qian'er's leg and ask her to pay!"

The most important thing in Chen Lin's eyes was money, even when the daughter was hurt. He was famous for being petty.

For example, the family ran a laundry shop. They could have bought the washing supplies in bulk. However, he would not. He would instead force the sellers to sell him at the wholesale price even when he purchases in a small volume. Sometimes when the salesperson was not paying attention, he would steal some products from them. When they caught him, he argued that he was only testing the product and that he would advertise for them. In order to do that he needed to test the product. Salespeople all pursed their lips when they heard Chen Lin's name.

"My child's hurt and you want me to extort money from others?" Jia Xiufang was afraid. If not for the handsome young man who came to their rescue. She and her daughter would be heavily injured. Her daughter was injured, it was only natural that she rushed home. Who would think about extorting money from others at that moment?

"Extorting money from others?! You stupid woman. She needs to pay. Go and get the money after dinner and don't come home if you didn't get any." He lost money during the mahjong game and he was just waiting for an opportunity to vent his anger.

"You've gone too far! Aunt Qi doesn't have money and she needs to take care of a crazy son. Her husband died when he was young. Qian'er isn't injured heavily, all she needs was to apply some medicine…"

Slap! Chen Lin slapped Jia Xiufang in the face.

"Aiya, Chen Lin, what did you do?" Qu Xue stood and stopped him. It was obvious that was not genuine.

"Move aside, I need to teach this stupid woman a lesson!"

A farce was playing in front of Chen Xiaoqian's eyes.

Watching her mother being beaten just because her father wanted money. Chen Xiaoqian stood up and put her hand under the table and flipped! Crash!

The plates, the dishes, and the porridge were overturned.

Chen Lin who was flipping out, as well Jia Xiufang who was being beaten, were absolutely stunned.

Qu Xue had it worse. Chen Xiaoqian calculated the exact angle and flipped the hot porridge on her, drawing a yell from her.

The sticky porridge was spilled all over the place. It was dripping from her chest. 

Usually, her presence was usually lacking, since she did not speak much and was constantly studying. Thus when she flipped out, Chen Lin and Jia Xiufang were both in shock.

A few moments later, Chen Lin returned to his senses and saw the flipped table and the scattered plates and dishes on the floor. He ran toward Chen Xiaoqian and raised his hand, Jia Xiufang quickly stopped him.

"Don't be angry. She didn't do it on purpose! Qian'er, don't just stand there. Apologize to your father! Say that you didn't do it on purpose!"

Jia Xiufang was sometimes abused by her husband but she would endure it quietly. She never let the children see that. She was afraid that he would beat Chen Xiaoqian too.

Chen Xiaoqian lowered her head, picked up a piece of the broken plate, and aimed at Chen Lin, "I dare you to come over!"

"How dare you hit your father?!" Chen Lin pushed Jia Xiufang away. Chen Xiaoqian groaned. She grabbed Qu Xue, who was wiping the poured porridge from her chest and aimed at her throat. It terrified Qu Xue so much that she screamed.

"I won't hit you, but I will hit her!"

"Help me! Qian'er put that down!" Qu Xue did not have an idea why she was being involved in this.

Jia Xiufang was in shock and said, "Qian'er, are you being possessed by something? Darn! There's a Samdambi 1who could help in the city. What should we do? The child is possessed!"

Otherwise, why would she act like this?!

Although Chen Lin was scared, he would not let it show.

"Let her do it, if she had the audacity to do it, she wouldn't fail her entrance exam!" Chen Lin always thought that his daughter was weak and timid. How could she dare to hurt anyone if she did not even dare to speak?

Suddenly, Chen Xiaoqian smiled charmingly at Qu Xue and said, "You heard it, my father gave me the permission to hurt you, so I'll go ahead with it!"

She extended her hand and slashed!

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