19 There’s a Broken Child in Everyone’s Heart

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'Many parents educate their children to respect their elders, but as soon as they finish their words, they turn around and disrespect their own elders. Children catch every action that their parents do, and it is those subtle influences that shape their value systems.'

Looking at the hypocritical teacher and the father who used verbal and physical abuse to control the child, Chen Xiaoqian could already predict the child's future.

"If you don't treat her illness properly, do you know what she'll become in the future?"

"A thief…" the teacher mumbled.

"Kleptomania could develop into Schizophrenia and Travel-related Psychosis, Disorientation, Delusional disorder. In layman's terms—crazy."

When Chen Xiaoqian said 'crazy', the teacher cried and shook her head.

"No, impossible. We're teaching her properly now. She's still young. She'll grow out of it!"

"Many parents say that their child will grow out of it. But they're only lying to themselves. You know, a person's body and look would transform according to his or her age. But a broken child would remain broken forever without proper guidance."

Chen Xiaoqian saw too many cases like this when she was a psychologist.

Although everyone's development process varied and everyone's ability to withstand stress differed, if one spent some time with murderers and traced back to their childhood, one would find that a broken child within all of them.

They might have been hurt psychologically when they were young. However, when they grew up, the broken child remained in the time when they were hurt—they may look like grown-ups, but there was a broken child living in them.

Chen Xiaoqian believed that her vengeful character was caused by her childhood experience when she was hurt repeatedly. The only difference was that she had a high EQ and high IQ, allowing her to control herself. Her revenge methods might be cruel, but under the control of her EQ and IQ, she knew not to harm the innocent. 

However, not many had as high an IQ and EQ as Chen Xiaoqian.

"We'll correct her, she won't become like what you said!"

"What you thought was the right method is laughable. Your child suffers from mental illness because she doesn't feel loved. There's a hole in her heart. If you don't fill it with love and control her with aggression instead, the hole would only get bigger and bigger. Her clinical manifestation would only worsen."

"Nonsense! Nonsense!"

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"Based on my diagnosis, your daughter's case may develop in a few stages. Now it's at the primary stage, if it continues to worsen, she'd develop aggressive behavior to counter your control and self-mutilation. And at the last stage, she will develop delusions or schizophrenia. By then, good luck searching for a psychologist that can treat her illness. She'd probably need a psychiatrist."

Chen Xiaoqian walked very far and the teacher wailed while covering her face.

In an empty house, a broken 'virtue', watched this in silence.

Walking in an empty school, she had the urge to wash her hands.

She washed them thoroughly.

She had been lenient.

She could have reported the teacher and ruined her, but if she did that, the child who suffered from Kleptomania would be doomed. If the image of the mother was broken, the child who was already broken would break into million pieces. The child's condition would only worsen if she did not already go insane.

Having the teacher copy those parenting books and keeping the child by her side would make up for the love she once lost through long-term company. Although it would not be able to treat the Kleptomania behavior completely, it would be a good foundation for if they could finally get the proper treatment for her.

The child could be cured as long as the teacher was willing to bring her to a psychologist. 

There was a little tornado in the school again.

Could it be the ghost? If there was, she hoped that Xiaowei would come and see her.

'Xiaowei, ever since you left, the broken child in mommy is always crying and missing you. But why can't mommy see you? Who could mend the hole in mommy's heart. Doing good can't get me what I want, I'll remain the antagonistic lady boss. I won't be kind and show mercy next time.'

Chen Xiaoqian thought about that while tears streamed across her cheek. The little tornado swirled away.

After she left the school, Chen Xiaoqian walked on the streets until her tears dried off. Then she looked at a KFC outlet and went in to wash her hands thoroughly for five minutes. She returned to the cold facial expression when a waiter looked at her.

Next, she had important matters to do.

Not only did she bring a walkman to collect evidence, but she also brought a camera.

The camera was the key to her acquisition of tuition fees.

Chen Xiaoqian went to the hotel her brother, Chen Zilong mentioned. She went to a shop that sold cold drinks opposite the hotel. 

She ordered chrysanthemum tea, sat straight, and watched outside the window.

A waitress saw the scene. She went and asked Chen Xiaoqian a few times, "Girl, is there something troubling you? You can tell me, maybe I can give you some advice."

The waitress was probably in her forties. She had a friendly smile. She saw that Chen Xiaoqian sat there for so long and she was afraid that Chen Xiaoqian would do something stupid. So she went and checked on her. 

Chen Xiaoqian smiled and said, "Thank you, I'm fine."

Suddenly, Chen Xiaoqian saw a red QQ drive by. She stood up and left 20 bucks on the table.

When the waitress returned with her change, Chen Xiaoqian was about to leave the store.

"Girl, your change!"

"Keep the change." For Chen Xiaoqian, giving a little tip was no big deal when a stranger like the waitress showed concern for her and smiled at her.

She was about to have a large amount of money. The bastard who drove the QQ would give her the money.

Chen Xiaoqian already left but the waitress came after her and returned five bucks to her.

"Please come again next time." The waitress flashed another friendly smile. 

Chen Xiaoqian was stunned as she was used to giving tips in her previous life. It made her feel uncomfortable when the waitress said that and smiled at her. 

Kind-hearted people rarely expected anything in return after doing a kind deed. However, people as vile as Ni Jianren would never realize that they were hurting others, even when that was exactly what they did. That was the difference.

Chen Xiaoqian went out and Ni Jianren entered the hotel. Chen Xiaoqian squatted by the tire of his car. She took out the cap of the valve on the tire and inserted a toothpick there to let the air out.

Chen Xiaoqian was happy to hear the sound of the air.

It seemed she was used to being someone of the lower level. She could do different things when she was at a different level. If she was the wealthy boss in her previous life, she would not have done something like this.

She always got someone to crash his car, give him a tailgating accident, or extort him. There were many ways to play those games, irrespective of whether she was wealthy or poor.

Chen Xiaoqian thought no one noticed what she did, but just as she finished letting out the air and leaving the hotel, a pair of sharp-looking eyes had seen her actions from the second floor VIP room of a nearby hotel.

"Little boss, the meat's done. They'll eat it all if you don't!"

Yu Minglang stood and turned.

"The food's on me, please enjoy."

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