15 The Special Surprise that Xiaoqian Prepared

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It was a quiet night and she laid on her bed. She had the admission notice that she wanted so badly in her previous life and she felt exceptionally calm that night.

There was nothing to be happy about.

This weightless paper changed her life. It was practically an obsession that dwelled in her heart stubbornly over the years.

The red admission notice did not bring much joy to Chen Xiaoqian.

She had much more honorary titles In her previous life, but standing at the peak after she had lost her loved one brought no joy to her. Nothing could bring light into her heart anymore.

Based on the timeline of her previous life, what would she be doing at that time?


She would have been crying.

She had just gone on a date with Ni Jianren, but they did not have anything in common. The bastard even said something that hurt her feelings and mocked her for being uneducated.

In her previous life, Chen Xiaoqian was a good student for more than ten years. Before she got married, studying was all she knew. When everything changed all of a sudden, she cried to express her disappointment.

However, could crying solve any problem?

Looking back at everything that happened after that, crying was the most useless behavior in the world. 

Crying was a sign of weakness. It implied that one was helpless in the face of a crisis. On the contrary, she now enjoyed making others feel helpless in the face of a crisis and relished making others cry.

With the admission notice in hand, the next step was to get her tuition fees from that  bastard.

The bastard was probably with his lover. They would probably chat first, then they would eat and do the dirty.

She wondered if they were able to do it after seeing what she prepared for them.

Ni Jianren was vexed. He carried the containers that Chen Xiaoqian prepared for him to the hotel to see his lover, Lee Zhen.

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"Honey, you know, what the 'shield' we chose did today? First, I was almost hit by a crazy man because of her. Then she had the audacity to dine in the Binhai Hotel, which I can't even bear to go to. That's too much!"

With his thumb pressed on his middle finger1, Ni Jianren and Lee Zhen sat side by side in bed. He leaned on Lee Zhen while he spilled everything the beans on that day's events. 

Lee Zhen advised him, "Honey, don't get mad because of a girl like this. Wait until she's married into your family. You can scold and hit her however you want. After all, she's just a tool you're using to shut your family up. Soon after, I have to marry someone that my family arranged, but you're the one I love."

"I hate you!" Ni Jianren especially loved how naughty Lee Zhen was. He pushed him playfully.

After chatting for a while, Ni Jianren became horny. He gave Lee Zhen a look.

However, Lee Zhen was hungry.

"Didn't you bring something to eat? Let's have some, then we'll… We're off tomorrow, so we have lots of time!"

They exchanged a look and opened one of the containers. Both of them were stunned.

The first container that Chen Xiaoqian prepared for them was a deep-fried mandarin fish.

The fish was cut into a chrysanthemum2 pattern with a drizzle of red and white sauce on it. A carrot was stuck right in the middle of the chrysanthemum!

Lee Zhen was particularly stunned when he saw the way the food was presented. Being the one on top, the visual impact was…

If it was just the chrysanthemum-shaped fish, it would not do anything. However, with the carrot and the drizzle of red and white sauce. It was…

"Honey, what's wrong?" Ni Jianren was not sure why Lee Zhen reacted that way.

The visual angles of the one being on top and bottom were entirely different. In the eyes of Ni Jianren that was just a weird-looking dish. For Lee Zhen, that was… Mm-hmm.

"That woman has bad taste. What kind of a dish is this? I've never seen mandarin fish with red and white sauce. And why is there a carrot in the middle?"

Ni Jianren used his finger to pick up some of the white sauce and put it in his mouth. They used thickened milk as the sauce, it was disgusting.

Lee Zhen saw what Ni Jianren did. He gulped and it sent chills down his back.

"What do you know about this woman that you're about to marry? This dish is very strange."

"It's just a girl from a poor family. Her father's greedy. The moment he heard that my family's giving fifty thousand as a betrothal gift, he agreed without hesitation. She just finished school. She's naive but spendy, so annoying."

Ni Jianren opened the second container and pushed it away quickly.

"This stupid woman, she's tasteless. What dish is this? I hate pig intestines!"

The moment that Lee Zhen saw the second dish, he got chills down his back again.

Small intestines wrapped in intestines. The small intestines were exposed. There was even an egg that was split in half on the side. They were placed next to the intestines, it was… Ew!!!

This arrangement of that dish...and the arrangement of the mandarin fish provoked the same feeling!

"Does she know about us?" Lee Zhen lost his appetite after seeing the dishes. He started to feel worried.

Ni Jianren and Lee Zhen were working in respectable institutions. Their families were influential. They needed to keep their relationship a secret, and the dishes sparked unease in Lee Zhen.

"She's just a girl that graduated from high school. I heard that she didn't even pass the college entrance exam. She's the naive kind. Ew! The egg tastes terrible!" Ni Jianren put the egg in his mouth.

Lee Zhen watched as he chewed the egg, then he looked down at his…he gulped.

Ni Jianren put his head against Lee Zhen's chest.

"Forget about the food. Honey, let's…"

Lee Zhen looked at the strange-looking mandarin fish, the red sauce, and the white sauce. Then he looked at the coquettish Ni Jianren who ate half the egg. He lost all appetite.

"Forget it, next time." It would be a miracle if they still had the appetite after seeing these two dishes.


Chen Xiaoqian was lying on her bed looking at the stars outside her attic. She was reciting with a peaceful smile.

'Visual suggestion is defined as the brain receiving information from visual, auditory, imagination, and so on. The human nervous system is 'stupid'. It would react accordingly to what the eyes see. Based on my years of clinical consultation experience, it has been proven that positive hints make people successful, while negative hints stopped people from being successful.'

She pushed her glasses, 'My profession did not disappoint. Under special circumstances, using visual suggestions for a certain special crowd should have an interesting result. The medical profession is one that can save people and it can also do the opposite. Ni Jianren, this is just the beginning. There is a long road of suffering waiting for you. This moon is shining, there are few stars in the sky. Cicadas singing on and off. Close your eyes and sleep. There are better games to play tomorrow.'

The medicinal patch emitted a faint medicinal scent, haunting her dreams and filling them with the sight of the man who cried while holding her body.

"Xiaoqian, I've been searching for you for so many years. Why am I still one step behind!"

'You finally didn't come late in this life, but I've lost confidence in all men…'

What a depressing dream.

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