20 She Was Calm, But In Fact She Wanted to Laugh

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After letting out the air in the tire, Chen Xiaoqian went into the hotel and showed her ID.

"That man that just came in is my brother, Ni Jianren, I'm here to send something to him." Another hand pointed at her bag.

When she showed her ID, her finger covered her last name.

At moments like this one must remain calm, relaxed, and not rushed. If one showed their ID automatically, they would not suspect otherwise. 

True enough, the front desk saw that she provided ID and was able to tell the name of the customer. The front desk told her the room number and let her in.

At that time, the state-run hotels were washed out, but that particular hotel in Q Town was still considered to be acceptable. However, compared to the hotels that Chen Xiaoqian used to go to in her previous life, there was much to improve. The corridors were dark, and there was a damp smell that not even low-quality fragrance could cover. Walking in there, one could even hear the occasional ecstatic echoes amidst throes of passion.

Chen Xiaoqian was calm. In fact, she wanted to laugh.

Chen Xiaoqian patted her own face. She did not blush because of the noise she heard from the corridor, but the thought of Yu Minglang.

When she got to Ni Jianren's room, Chen Xiaoqian stood there and waited patiently while calculating the time.

Yu Minglang rushed in and the front desk stopped him. Yu Minglang wanted to see Chen Xiaoqian very badly.

He pulled out hundreds of dollars and gave his ID.

"I want a room!"

"One person?" The front desk took a few glances at him curiously. He was alone and had no luggage. What a strange customer.

"Yes. Don't waste my time. Quick!" He was afraid that he would be too late. Chen Xiaoqian would enter a room and…

There were two hotel murderer cases in Q Town recently. The victims were young women. When he saw Chen Xiaoqian come in alone, he rushed here without hesitation.

He did not give much thought to the reasons behind his deep care for a stranger. He was simply very attracted to the Zhou Zhiruo look-alike.

The front desk was very slow, which made Yu Minglang more anxious. He wanted to go in straight. When the front desk finished checking him in, he rushed inside immediately.

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The hotel had two levels. The moment he arrived at the corner of the corridor, he saw the shadow of Chen Xiaoqian.

He was relieved to see that she was alright.

The next moment, he was attracted by Chen Xiaoqian's side profile.

Chen Xiaoqian closed her eyes and let the dim light shine on her. The shadows made her lashes look very long and it created beautiful lines on her face.

Porcelain skin... Every pore emitted youthfulness.

Yu Minglang did not like hotels like this. However, in the filthy environment of the hotel, she stood there quietly for a long time. She was like the lotus flower that bloomed in the sludge1. The dirty environment could not corrupt her growth.

Yu Minglang could even see the smirk from the curve in her lips.

She had always been standing detached from the world, just like an observer all along watching the world with cold-looking eyes. However, she protected children and fed stray cats.

Two opposing temperaments appeared on the same woman at the same time.

Yu Mingling sensed his face was burning. This was the first time he heard his own heart beating faster because of a girl.

His body was burning too, it was hotter than when he went undercover in the blistering hot desert for a mission. However, the difference from that insufferable heat was that it was a hormonal response. It was warm, coupled with an urge to break through the surface. The madness was uncontainable.

Yu Minglang always thought that he was one of those that would not have any hormonal reaction. When the comrades talked about being in love. His only response was, 'what's the big deal?'

When Chen Xiaoqian—a weak yet proud woman who closed her eyes and detached herself from the world—appeared in Yu Minglang's world, he finally realized why everyone made such a big deal out of it.

It was only a matter of meeting the right person. Then it would trigger a chemical response. Unfortunately, some people never had the chance to meet that person.

Yu Minglang met the right person when he was 24 years old.

Suddenly, the girl that triggered his chemical reaction moved. She was no longer standing there like a statue. She opened her bag and took a…camera?

As Yu Minglang remained confused over what Chen Xiaoqian was doing, he was suddenly shocked by her next move.

The nimble Chen Xiaoqian took a penknife and she pried open the door lock. Then she turned the doorknob and opened the door. She opened a crack so big that it could fit a camera. She aimed it at the bed and hit the shutter-release button repeatedly.

She was happy with herself that she was right about the timing and the boys were both facing the camera.

Chen Xiaoqian took many pictures and the shutter button was clicking away. After she was certain that she collected enough evidence, she kicked the door open!

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