13 Must You Be So Stubborn

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Chen Xiaoqian could tell that the young couple was dating and the naughty kids threw firecrackers at them. That was dangerous.

As Chen Xiaoqian was thinking, she saw tendrils of smoke emerging from a few different spots. The quiet part of the park was disrupted by the naughty kids.

"F*ck, the kid is too playful!" Qiao Zhen, who was in the park looking for the little boss, saw a roughly ten-year-old kid throwing firecrackers everywhere.

Then, he saw the little boss walking toward the boy and settled him down. He then reprimanded the boy.

"There's another one, I'll take care of him. I saw where the kid is hiding, I'll be able to give him a lesson." The kid hid very close to Chen Xiaoqian, he was afraid that she would be in danger.

Yu Minglang put away his briefcase, straightened his posture, and had a few words with the kids.

"It's almost time to go for the meeting, we don't want to be late." The secretary could faint...

The little boss hardly ever meddled in others' business, so what was up with him that day?

Chen Xiaoqian just finished feeding the cats and was about to get up and leave.

Suddenly, two whooshes brushed through Chen Xiaoqian's hair and something fell on the ground. The hidden naughty kid saw that his gang was caught and he threw the remaining firecrackers away. Chen Xiaoqian would be in danger if Yu Minglang did not put out the firecracker.

Chen Xiaoqian saw him walking toward her and she felt a cold packet in her hands. She panicked and lowered her head in silence.

'Silly Yu, why must you always shove medicinal patches to me?'

He actually managed to shove another medicinal patch in her hand when he walked past her!

Was it because she did not wear the patch that he gave earlier? So he…

In Chen Xiaoqian's mind, Yu Minglang's stone-cold face turned into a large size medicinal patch. That man was stubborn.

Yu Minglang stopped, turned, and left. He said, "Be careful. You're lucky that my hand reacted fast."

When Chen Xiaoqian heard him say 'hand' and 'fast'...

She blushed all of a sudden and her heart skipped a beat. Not only were his hands fast, but he also had great thrusting technique…

'Ah! What am I thinking!'

She stood up and walked further and further. She could vaguely hear what the secretary said.

"Little boss, your skill and agility are as good as it is back in those days." Qiao Zhen said that because he was able to act so quickly... They both changed their professions together, but why was there such a great difference in skill sets?

Yu Minglang did not answer but left quickly.

The corner of Chen Xiaoqian's mouth lifted and she said softly, "One."

Code name, One.

This was something that he told her personally. Back then when they were very close. She watched a military drama because he served the military and changed professions to take over his family business. She asked, "Other people have code names, do you?"

He said, "Yes, One."

Then she bought a couple of bottles of perfume with the same name. She even teased him for being a sissy because he chose a perfume's name as his code name.

She never would have guessed the exciting story behind the code name: when he was young, he was so great that they called him Number One. In short, One.

However… Chen Xiaoqian lowered her head and looked at the medicinal patch. She seemed displeased and irritated.

"Just like the previous life, once I stick the medicinal patch on, it'll never be taken off."

As she held the medicinal patch in her hand, the pain in her leg seemed to have worsened. Chen Xiaoqian walked to the next intersection and sat by the roadside. She opened the medicinal patch and stuck it on her ankle while she mumbled something.

"I bought so many bottles of perfume for you and you didn't use them. This patch is to compensate for my losses, not because I miss you."

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The medicinal patch was indeed amazing. There was a warm sensation spreading. 

'Yu Minglang, I suppose there's no chance for us to meet again next time…'

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