14 Must Study Harder

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The house was dark when Chen Xiaoqian got home.

Her mother was not there and had probably gone to her uncles' house to cry, while her father was also not home and had surely left to play mahjong all night.

Her brother, Chen Zilong, was not home either. He was probably still stuck in a trance inside the internet café.

Only the light in Qu Xue's room was still on. 

It was amazing that a homewrecker like Qu Xue still had the audacity to stay there and sleep so soundly after what she did. 

Chen Xiaoqian pondered.

She could crash into her room and hit her repeatedly with a stool, or curse at her. However, she would not do something that would lower her status or image.

'I hate people who solve problems with physical violence. I don't need to lift a finger to settle something with my wit. I hate those who resort to physical violence. They don't have any skills at all,' Chen Xiaoqian pondered as she went upstairs.

There was no one in her parents' bedroom, so she went in without fear. She wondered if there was still the laxative or phenolphthalein that her mother used...

She went downstairs after she found the phenolphthalein, then calmly searched for Qu Xue's cup. She opened the bottle, poured it inside, then stirred it evenly with her fingers. 

Phenolphthalein was a laxative, and an ordinary person who ingested it would suffer from diarrhea. Other than that, some might experience a change in their urine color. It was only a possibility, that could or could not happen. Being educated was a must in that era because knowledge was power. 

She returned upstairs. Seeing that no one was home, she looked high and low for the admission letter. 

She did not know whether her father hid or tore the admission letter.

Although there were ways to go about recovering the letter, the procedure could be quite troublesome. It would be best if she could locate it because there was only half a month before the classes started.

She had limited time to find out the procedure to enter university if she could not find it.

After searching for it high and low, she found nothing. She sat on her parents' bed and thought that maybe her father would bring Qu Xue up here and f*ck her when Jia Xiufang went out to chat with others. She was disgusted by it.

The urge to wash her hands returned. Chen Xiaoqian stood up and remembered that soap had run out. She went and opened the cupboard as she remembered that her mother had a habit of storing new soap there.

There was a soap brand called Shanxiao, which had a fruity and floral scent. It was one buck for a piece. The scent was strong so they probably used a lot of fragrance oil during production, but the smell faded after using it for some time. Her mother loved the scent and placed one bar in every closet. One could smell it the moment one opened the cupboard.

She opened the closet and reached for the bottom. She then found the soapbox. The box was larger than most soapboxes. It could fit two soaps. That was the stock that Chen Lin acquired, the 'free gift' that he insisted from the salespeople. 

She opened the soapbox and found a piece of paper inside.

Chen Xiaoqian unfolded the paper and was elated.

She had actually found the letter without much effort!

She never thought her father would hide the admission letter in a place like that!

Now that she found the admission notice, all she needed was her identification card and the household registration booklet. She remembered that her mother kept all those in a shoebox above the closet. She could just take it out quietly and photocopy it the next day before returning them back to their respective places.

After settling everything, Chen Xiaoqian took those things and was ready to get out of the room. The minute she turned around, she was given a huge fright.

Her brother, whose side-parted hair had fringes dyed yellow, stood at the door and watched her with an expression that said, 'Aha! Caught you!'

"Chen Xiaoqian! Did you just steal money from our father?"

This was Chen Zilong, the son of the Chen family who never engaged in honest work and lived like a hedonist. Although their parents placed great expectations on him, he ended up being no better than a maggot. 

Chen Xiaoqian was startled, but she got to her senses quickly. She walked confidently toward him and said, "Did you mistake me for yourself?"

The brat skipped school, became addicted to internet gaming, and stole money from her parents just to go to the internet café. He fought in school, participated in gang activity, and constantly spoke of the code of brotherhood. His hippocampus was probably being converted to pure muscles. He was ignorant, incompetent, impulsive, and loved to cause trouble. In short, he was the stereotypical bad child.

She loathed him, not just because he squandered the opportunities that her parents gave him, but because her parents reserved all their love for him. They even went so far as to hide her admission notice in order to save money for him to go to university.

However, the brat did not even manage to get into high school. He even caused trouble on the streets and broke someone's legs. They requested that he compensate for the injury, and since Chen Lin was not able to provide that amount of money, they used Chen Xiaoqian to get the money. After she learned that Ni Jianren was a homosexual, she wanted a divorce, but Chen Lin disagreed as he needed the son-in-law to help pay for the trouble that his son caused.

Come to think of it, Chen Zilong might have been led astray, but he never did anything to actually harm Chen Xiaoqian. The reason Chen Xiaoqian hated him was probably because he was the son of the father that she hated.

In her previous life, her brother was not able to hold a job, so she let him be her driver and paid him a few thousand bucks a month. He could not be happier about it; she enjoyed the feeling of stepping on him while he thanked her for the money. 

Seeing that his sister ignored him, Chen Zilong grabbed her arm.

"Sister, I need revision materials, give me five bucks."

"You don't need money for revision materials, you just want the money to go to the internet café.

It would be a miracle if he studied hard at all.

Chen Zilong looked away when she exposed what he actually wanted.

"Come to my room, I'll give it to you."

"Thank you!"

Chen Xiaoqian took a few coins from her piggy bank and gave them to him as hush money. So he would not blab about her getting the household registration booklet to her parents.

Chen Zilong kept the coins and walked out of the room. He was going to spend all night in the internet café. After he took a few steps, he remembered something.

"Sister, I saw my brother-in-law. He went to the Binhai Hotel with a man. Is he going to play mahjong there all night?

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The internet café was right opposite the Binhai Hotel.

Chen Xiaoqian pushed her glasses and said, "Silly boy, who told you that the only thing they could do in the hotel was to play mahjong?"

"Two men going to a hotel... If not for mahjong, what else can they do?" Chen Zilong was only 12 years old. He saw Japanese blue movies, but it was limited to heterosexual ones only.

Man-on-man blue movies were probably too heavy for his tastes.

 "When two men go to the hotel, other than playing mahjong, they could bend over to pick up soap…"

Chen Xiaoqian appreciated her hedonistic brother for providing her with the information. This information was critical for her future tuition fees.

"What?" Chen Zilong did not understand what his sister said and thought his sister seemed different from before. Her eyes sparkled behind those glasses and sent chills down his spine.

"You'll be hungry after pulling an all-nighter. Here's another two bucks. You can buy some food for breakfast after you're done with your all-nighter." Chen Xiaoqian took another two bucks from her piggy bank.

Chen Zilong's jaw dropped while he looked at his sister, "Are you alright, Sis?"

That was not his sister! Why was she so nice to him all of a sudden?

"If you don't leave now, mother and father will beat you when they see you!"

Destroying someone usually began with spoiling them. Unconditionally pampering and spoiling someone could ruin them. Chen Xiaoqian smirked as she stood by the window and watched her brother head to the internet café.

It was probably about time that the bastard and his lover opened her 'special surprise'.

She hoped they enjoyed it.

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