5 Jianren was Despicable

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Chen Xiaoqian had never denied that she was petty.

When Jia Xiufang said she wanted to buy melons, Chen Xiaoqian remembered things from the past.

Her brother liked to eat melon and so did she. One day in her previous life, her mother bought two melons on her way back. She went out for dinner with Ni Jianren that evening. When she got home, her family had already finished one whole melon.

They did not save any for her.

Instead, she saw the skin of the melon in the garbage bin. Everyone was watching TV and no one cared about her. Plus, she felt aggrieved when she went on a date with Ni Jianren. The feeling of being excluded was unforgettable. 

She consoled herself that there was another one and that she could have it the next day. 

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The next day, her father asked her to run some errands for him. When she got home, she saw the melon skin in the garbage bin again. 

It was not a huge matter but it affected her deeply at that age. Something that they did unintentionally left an impact on her because it reflected her place in the family. 

With that series of events, she was reminded of how her parents neglected her when her mother wanted to buy the melons. Hence, she did what she should have done and her eyes sparkled under those glasses as she pulled her mother away.

Although the thought of 'if I can't have it, you can't have it too' might seem a tad childish and immature, she did it anyway. It was just like the urge to wash her hands. She knew it was not good but it made her feel better after doing it.

Chen Xiaoqian pulled Jia Xiufang to another street and she still nagged her on the matter of marriage.

"The day after tomorrow is the first day that you go to the house of your future mother-in-law and it doesn't matter whether you decide to do house chores or not. But it's better that you don't so that you won't be looked down upon. Then again... Jianren's family are intellectuals, they probably won't bully you..."

"Sometimes being a tacky honest man is better than being an elegant hypocrite."

After Ni Jianren's family found out that he was gay, they tried their best to oppress her and stopped her from getting a divorce. They even pressured the university to give her trouble after the divorce went through. 

She was constantly being ridiculed when she was in university. After all, divorce was taboo. The Ni family smeared her name by spreading rumors of her having an affair and had questionable morals. Luckily her lecturer believed in her and the kind-hearted person who sponsored her tuition fee wrote her a letter of encouragement. She clenched her teeth and got through the difficult time.

She took revenge on the hypocrites of the Ni family after she became successful. However, she did not feel any better after seeking revenge. The best time of her life had been ruined by those people, and taking revenge on them more than ten years later could not atone for the hurt she experienced. 

Luckily, she was given a second chance to return to her wonderful time. She decided that this time she would make her move first before they could do anything to her. 

"Xiaoqian, what did you say?" Jia Xiufang could not make out what her daughter was saying. 

"Rome wasn't built in one day, the interaction between someone's personality and his environment makes up who they are."

Ni Jianren was a homosexual and his family turned a blind eye as he abused her... Her idiot brother whom her parents constantly doted on... The way the father educated the girl who suffered from Kleptomania… All of it had a direct causal relationship.

As for herself, should she thank the hardship and the b*stard that life threw at her for becoming a vicious and hard-hearted woman? 

"Have you gone mad? You've been mumbling things I don't understand today— Where are you bringing me? Where are the melons that you promised?" Jia Xiufang looked at the street and it was not far from home. There was a fruit vendor but no melons were seen. 

"Buy grapes then, I like grapes." Chen Xiaoqian smirked.

Her judgment was right, the melon vendor had moved from their street to the earlier location. She could tell that from the sand on the stall's wheels. There had been rumors of a relocation and people were frantically trying to build houses. 

Intelligence was a thing of beauty that one could make use of. It was unfortunate that she was constricted by kindness and sentiment for the first 18 years of her life. She did not have the heart to crush others with her intelligence.

Now, she needed to put aside the sentiments that constricted her. She was able to do things as she pleased. That was the way an antagonistic lady boss should be…

"Be careful!" Just as Chen Xiaoqian was in the midst of strengthening herself with psychological cues, she saw a man running with a stick. He hit anyone and everyone.

She could easily run away from this but her first reaction was to pull Jia Xiufang when she saw what was happening.

As a result, she was running slower and got hit on her leg.

Jia Xiufang screamed, "The crazy man from Aunt Qi's home has escaped!"

This was the famous crazy man. Every time he was triggered, he would hit people. Aunt Qi locked him up but he had somehow escaped.

Chen Xiaoqian saw that the crazy man was coming and endured the pain while pulling her mother to run away. The shoppers were running everywhere trying to escape.

"Overthrow the RB imperialism!" The crazy man ran toward Chen Xiaoqian.

There was no way one could reason with a lunatic. He would not be found guilty even if he killed someone. All one could do was run. 

Jia Xiufang ran for tens of meters when she suddenly saw a man in a white shirt and he was holding a bag of fruits in his hand. Jia Xiufang was relieved.

"Jianren! Come quick!"

That was her future son-in-law. He would come and help Chen Xiaoqian. Jia Xiufang did not have the strength to run any further. She was hoping that Jianren could lend a hand.

"You RB imperialist, how dare you call me a b*stard1!" Jia Xiufang angered the crazy man while he was wielding the stick in his hand.

"I don't mean you, I was calling my son-in-law, his name is Jianren." Jia Xiufang even turned to explain to him.

Chen Xiaoqian pushed her mother and said, "Why are you even explaining to him, run faster!"

Jia Xiufang was screaming at Ni Jianren.

"Jianren, there's an iron shovel by your side, help us get rid of him with it!"

There were constructions going on there and coincidentally, there was a shovel next to Ni Jianren's feet. It was stuck in the pile of sand.

When Ni Jianren saw the dirty and crazy man running toward him, he got so scared that he gestured oddly with his fingers and ran.

He dropped the bag of fruits and ran so fast that he could be the champion in a sprint competition. 

"Aunty, I'll get some help. Hang in there! Don't lead the crazy man this way."

Although they were in danger, Chen Xiaoqian could not help but laugh.

Ni Jianren was indeed despicable. He could not have run any faster.

Jia Xiufang clenched her teeth when she saw her son-in-law run away. Plus, the crazy man was chasing her from behind.

"Qian'er, you should run first, I'll try to stop him!"

Her daughter's leg was injured and she could not run faster than the crazy man.

Chen Xiaoqian was taken aback when she heard that. She did not think her mother would try to protect her.

"You silly girl, what are you waiting for, run!" Jia Xiufang pushed Chen Xiaoqian. Then, she took a brick and ran toward the crazy man.

Chen Xiaoqian's heart ached. This had never happened before…

She ran toward the pile of sand and grabbed the shovel. She was ready to help her mother but as she turned, she saw the crazy man being held on the ground by a handsome man.

The man's face…!!!

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