40 Chatting While Doing Bad Things, Very Impressive

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Yu Minglang did not look on purpose. However, mm hmm, he saw it.

Under the white colored nightgown was a matching lingerie set. It looked nice…

Xiaoqian dropped a slipper when she jumped. Yu Minglang wanted to let her go and help her to pick the slipper. Xiaoqian held him tightly and pressed herself against his body.

Yu Minglang froze.

His ears went all red. No color could cover the redness.

She said in a sweet and soft tone of voice, "I'm scared!"

Although she said she was scared, she looked completely calm. Yu Minglang was taken aback by this coquettish behaviour. He was very aware of his hands and not sure where to place them.

"It's alright, everything is under control, don't be scared." He consoled her with a stiff voice.

He felt something was wrong, the lady in his arms moved her leg. Yu Minglang looked down.

Xiaoqian would not let him see what she was actually doing. She held him very tightly while using her leg to grab the remaining flaming newspaper and kicked it toward the gasoline.

"I'm really scared.."

If she was really scared, she wouldn not be able to extort money from these bastards.

She was talking while doing bad things, it was quite impressive!

The flaming newspaper kissed the patch of gasoline and it started burning. Yu Minglang raised his eyebrows. Xiaoqian pushed him away and hopped to pick up her slipper. The flame was burning away.

"You…" Yu Minglang understood what she did.

The flame reflected on Xiaoqian's beautiful face and she was as calm as ever.

He was mesmerized as she was planning something bad…

Jia Xiufang finally came. She saw the blazing fire and screamed.

"Quick, call one one nine! Remember to tell them on the phone that it is gasoline fire. Ask them to bring sufficient extinguishers!" Xiaoqian reminded her. Jia Xiufang came to her senses and ran into the house.

Yu Minglang looked around and saw a pile of sand about ten meters from her house. There was also a wheelbarrow next to it. Yu Minglang bolted to get the sand without hesitation.

Annoying fellow, so smart!

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Xiaoqian raised her middle finger at him in her heart as she saw him bolted to the pile of sand. She was going to direct him to put out the fire with water, but he was too smart.

You must not use water to put out gasoline-related fire. As the water is heavier than gasoline, the gasoline would rise above water and flow further and spread the fire further.

Xiaoqian was a top student and so was Yu Minglang. These are simple physics knowledge, how could he not know?

At this very moment, her brother, Chen Zilong came and saw this. He was startled and yelled.

"Sister, why are you playing with fire in the middle of the night?"

The fire was about half a meter high now. There was some wood in her courtyard, it was used to boil water in the laundry shop. 

Chen Zilong saw that the fire was burning close to the wood. He walked toward the wood to push it further to stop the fire from getting to the wood, as it would be harder to put out.

Xiaoqian saw that her hedonistic brother wanted to help. She raised the corner of her mouth and extended her leg. Chen Zilong fell as his hands extended and palm facing downward. The location where he fell was close to the place where the gangster did not pour gasoline.

"Ouch!" Chen Zilong yelled. Xiaoqian went over to help him up and 'accidentally' kicked the gasoline barrel!

When the fire was met with the gasoline, it roared!

The pile of wood doused with gasoline caught on fire.

"Be careful!" Yu Minglang only had half a barrel of sand and saw the fire was roaring near Xiaoqian when he raised his head.

The fire was roaring. The two bad guys that were subdued by Yu Minglang woke up. They saw that the matter was getting out of hand. They tried to get up and run even though they were in pain.

Yu Minglang grabbed Xiaoqian's arm and looked at her with an eagle like eyes.

"What are you doing!" He sounded strict.

No one else would be able to tell what she was trying to achieve other than Yu Minglang.

It was obvious that she started the fire.

He went to get the sand to put out the fire and the fire became severe in just tens of seconds. Yu Minglang was absolutely certain that she was behind it!

Chen Zilong was stunned and could not stop yelling.

"Help, help, fire!"

The houses here were connected. Very quickly there were people gathering. Jia Xiufang came out after making the phone call. Seeing that the fire spread to the pile of wood, she went pale.

"What just happened…"

The fire was still at a manageable state before she went in!

It was a mess, people were shouting to get water while others were shouting 'fire'. Yu Minglang stopped everything to stare severely at Xiaoqian.

It was impossible to put out the fire by themselves. They could only wait for the fire fighters to come and put out fire as severe as this.

"Do you know how dangerous this is!" Yu Minglang pulled Xiaoqian to somewhere safe, calmed himself down and watched the uncontrollable blazing fire.

People who were able to join the top sniper team had great ability to control their emotions.

Yu Minglang forgot the last time he was furious. At that very moment, his emotions were greatly affected by this lady.

"What did I do? Didn't they come and burn my house down? Two of the bad guys ran, why didn't you run after them?"

Yu Minglang pointed at Xiaoqian's nose. His finger was one millimeter away from the tip of her nose. He did not say anything, but his action said, "You just wait and see!

He then turned and chased after the bad guys. Xiaoqian grunted.

'I am not afraid of you!'

She wished the fire would burn stronger! Only then would they have just committed arson. The severity was different.

The firefighter came after about four minutes. They aimed the extinguisher at the fire and the fire was under control very quickly. In less than three minutes, the police were here. They caught the two bad guys who tried to run and the unlucky bastard who was still unconscious, to the police station. 

The walls outside her courtyard were all black. The neighbor gathered outside and whispered.

Jia Xiufang and Chen Zilong were still in daze from the shock. Xiaoqian was smiling.

'Haha, this should be fun.'

"Which of you can come with us for an investigation?" Someone said Xiaoqian.

Xiaoqian said, "I can come with you."

"I'll come too." Yu Minglang stared at Xiaoqian, you wait and see!