12 Bumping into Yu Minglang Again

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Chen Xiaoqian took the doggy bags and followed the sullen Ni Jianren out of the hotel.

His heart ached for the money he spent but he could not show it. Chen Xiaoqian found it funny.

The b*stard's red QQ was parked by the roadside. He would rather risk having a ticket than pay for parking. The act of paying so much for the food when he could not bear to spend a couple of bucks on parking left him with an immeasurable psychological trauma.

The angrier he got, the happier Chen Xiaoqian felt.

There were some children cycling outside. She glanced at the children who were about the same age as Xiaowei, then looked at the b*stard's sh*tty face. All of a sudden, she felt the calmness of the evening breeze and it was a great summer evening.

She could only blame herself for being too young when she met the bastard in her past life.

Had that not happened, she was sure she would not be bullied by a b*stard who drove a red sissy car like him.

Ni Jianren walked up to his car, without looking at the woman who just spent half of his monthly salary. He said unhappily, "Your home is out of the way from my way home, you can walk home by yourself."

"You're the bottom aren't you?"

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In her previous life, Chen Xiaoqian could not tell which position that the b*stard and his lover took in sex. She found the answer now.

His behavior of fussing over small matters suggested that he was the bottom one.

'He probably can't get a hard-on, that's why he's the bottom,' Chen Xiaoqian thought sinisterly. 

"What did you say?" The b*stard was too hung up on the money spent and he did not hear what she said clearly.

"I said, this is for you, enjoy yourself." Chen Xiaoqian pushed her glasses and handed the container to him.

That was the special request that she ordered.

According to her knowledge of him, he would go to his lover and have a good time after he sent her home.

They would be satisfied with the dish that she prepared for them.

The bastard was angry that she spent half of his salary on a meal. He wanted to marry her immediately and beat her up three times a day. 

To recover at least a portion of his loss, he grabbed the container and left without turning his head.

Chen Xiaoqian walked home with the goodies in the doggy bag.

It was all seafood.

She used to enjoy seafood. When she just started her business, her daughter was still young and she was not earning a lot. However, when she did make some money she would bring her daughter for a seafood feast.

The two-year-old little girl held a crab that was almost as big as her head and got crab meat all over her face as she ate.

When her business became successful, she became busier. She did earn a lot more money, but she had very little time to have a meal with her daughter. She looked for the best catering service and made sure that the daughter got to have the most expensive seafood every day. However, her daughter was not happy.

Just when she realized she needed to spend more time with her daughter, the b*stard kidnapped her.

She never touched a single piece of seafood after that incident.

The urge to wash her hand rose when she thought about her daughter. She looked everywhere and found a water pipe in the bushes by the roadside. She went over, placed her doggy bags on the ground, and washed her hands.

She sensed moisture on her face, then she raised her head. She thought it was the water from the pipe but realized it was water from her tears. How could she cry! A mother who did not take good care of her daughter had no right to cry.

She could take all the criticisms from the world and she was well aware that she was not a kind person, but the one criticism she could not take was that she was a terrible mother.

The truth was that she lost her daughter, and even if she had the ability to avenge her daughter ten thousand times, it would not fill the hole in her heart. In fact, it seemed to grow bigger and she would still not be able to forgive herself.

Yu Minglang passed by and he saw her from afar. He saw Chen Xiaoqian who tried to remain strong while being immersed in sadness. 

She seemed to wash her hands a lot and she cried when she washed her hands. She had a morose expression as if she lost the world.

What was the matter with this girl?

Yu Minglang saw her turned into a different person after she washed her hands. She was calm—no, she was cold.

That was a girl with a story. Her behaviour had intrigued Yu Minglang. The seemingly weak girl seemed to contain great pain and sadness in her body, and she had a strong aversion to the world.

A stray cat approached her. It probably smelled the seafood that was in the doggy bags.

The cat looked dirty and it was injured.

Chen Xiaoqian squatted down and opened the containers in the doggy bag. Then, she used the disposable chopstick to pick up seafood for the cat. She watched the cat eat with a refreshing smile.

The lights in the park shone gently on her face. How many faces could a girl have? Which side of her was the real one?

Yu Minglang was supposed to be observing the environment in the park but he was distracted by the thought of that question.

In the next few minutes, he would have to represent his company in negotiations with another company, but there was still time to ponder about the girl.

She was cold, perhaps even cynical, toward her parents and strangers. However, she was nice and gentle to children and animals.

The cat enjoyed the food and Chen Xiaoqian was happy to feed it.

The stray cat meowed as it looked at Chen Xiaoqian as though it tried to say thank you.

"Eat, eat more. There's a lot more. You can ask your friends to join you. I'd rather feed it to the cats than bring it home to the thankless wrench. At the very least you don't have ill intentions and you're appreciative. Right, kitty? Will you recognize me the next time I come here?"

Chen Xiaoqian was thinking aloud. She did not know a man was watching her from afar with an aching heart.

How lonely can a person be to seek acknowledgment from a cat? The people around her must have let her down so badly that a kind and gentle girl had to build walls around her heart to protect herself. However, her gentleness and kindness accidentally revealed itself when it came to treating animals. 

Chen Xiaoqian did not have intentions of bringing any of the expensive seafood that she ordered home. It was good enough if she could feed the cats and dogs as long as she could make that b*stard's pay for them. 

The cat ate continuously. After a while, there were a bunch of cats and dogs that gathered there. Chen Xiaoqian opened all the containers and watched them gobble up the food. She probably did not realize that she smiled.

At that moment, when she was feeding the cats and dogs, she already made her next evil plan. At the same time, she had become a lonely, weak, pitiable cute little girl in Yu Minglang's heart.

Suddenly, Chen Xiaoqian sensed that something was in the bushes. Then, she heard a loud bang and something glided across the sky. Then there was another loud bang and there was smoke in the bushes. Chen Xiaoqian was shocked.

"F*ck! Whose kid threw a double-bang firecracker!"

Then, a man jumped out from the bushes with smoke swirling all around him. He was annoyed that someone interrupted his making-out session in the bushes.

"This is embarrassing, let's go!" A blushing woman stood up and left hurriedly. Chen Xiaoqian was very close to them and she was slightly startled.

She did not realize there was someone there.

She did not like it when others knew her thoughts. Her brows were slightly arched, but they were recovered very quickly.

She spoke very softly, so they probably did not hear anything?

'Mm, no one heard it, but they saw everything.'

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