6 As Her Hair Brushed against His Face

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Chen Xiaoqian could never mistake that face.

Healthy tanned skin, tall and pronounced nose, single eyelids, and slightly pursed lips. One could tell that was a handsome man by just looking at his side profile. His facial expression exuded a cool temperament. At first glance, he looked like Wu Xie from the Grave Robbers' Chronicles1, but more powerful.

If one replaced his tanned skin with fairer skin, the shape of his face with her oval-shaped face, and gave him more refined facial features, he would look just like her daughter—Xiaowei. That man looked just like her daughter.

To be more exact, the daughter looked like him, because he was the father—Yu Minglang!

Yu Minglang was planning some activities in the area. He rushed over to help when he saw them in danger.

The crazy man was no match for Yu Minglang. Yu Minglang was able to hold him on the ground and held the man's hands behind his back with just a few moves.

The crazy man was not happy. He said, "You Japanese pirates invaded my home country, I won't surrender even if you beat me to death!"

Yu Minglang took a rope from his pocket and bound him, then he played along.

"I die in glory for my country, I may be dead but my spirit lives, I'd die for a good cause to achieve Great Harmony2!"

The crazy man was stunned and said with admiration, "Gentleman, are you a kindred spirit?"

Although the crazy man did not understand what he said, he thought it sounded impressive.

Yu Minglang finished tying him up and said, "Remember, don't take a single thing from the people."

"Yes!" The crazy man was subdued.

"Pfft!" What Yu Minglang said made Chen Xiaoqian laugh.

She long suspected that there was an artsy young man living in the cold and detached Yu Minglang's body. However, he denied it.

Chen Xiaoqian confirmed she was right as she saw him converse with the crazy man.

Yu Minglang was attracted by her laugh and realized that she was the Zhou Zhiruo look-alike with the red mole.

He could tell that she was graceful from the binoculars. Now that he saw her from a closer distance, a summer breeze brushed over his heart and that brought a sense of freshness. 

Her skin was as fair and silky as tofu, so delicate that it might just break if he pressed on it. Underneath those silver-rimmed spectacles was a sly, soulful, and unbridled gaze. He then unconsciously stared at her beautiful, Zhou Zhiruo-like mole. When her facial features were looked at as a whole, she was a beautiful woman regardless of the angle he looked at her from!

"Oh my goodness, I was scared to death." The frightened Jia Xiufang patted her own chest to soothe herself as she threw away the brick. Then she turned to Yu Minglang and thanked him.

"Thank you. Would you like to come to our place for a cup of tea?"

Jia Xiufang could not figure out where the imperious man came from. It was as though he fell from the sky. Whatever it was, he had saved her daughter and herself.

"No, thank you. Do you know this man?" Yu Minglang took his eyes off Chen Xiaoqian.

"This is Aunt Qi's son. He is crazy, when he escapes he would…"

Jia Xiufang was quite talkative. She did not care if the others were listening, she could go on and on.

He rescued Chen Xiaoqian on the first day of her rebirth.

He saved her a couple of years early compared to her previous life.

Fooling around with Yu Minglang was one of the few things she felt guilty about in a life which she lived with no regrets...

That time, she had visited a bar for some drinks because she was upset. Unfortunately, she came across a robber who held a knife against her neck and she was terrified.

Negotiations with the robber ended up fruitless, Yu Minglang happened to pass by and lend her a helping hand. Chen Xiaoqian watched as he attacked the robber, mystified by his moves and the look in his eyes. 

After he defeated the robber, he found her seated on the floor. Yu Minglang put a coat around her and said, "Don't wear a skirt on a cold day like this and try not to go to bars."

After that, she tried many ways to get in contact with him. She was beautiful and an educated doctor, so it was easy to pursue and woo him.

He even bought a wedding ring but she ran away for some unknown reason. She was pregnant with his daughter when she left…

She never expected him to find her after years and years of searching. He even shed tears for her just before her death.

Although she looked young, her heart was already very much matured. It raced uncontrollably the moment she saw the young Yu Minglang.

She thought of her daughter when she saw him, though there might be other reasons too... In any case, Yu Minglang's early appearance threw her off her game. She lost her elegance and stared at him without twitching a muscle. 

Rather than being annoyed by her mother's nagging, he stood straight and looked at her.

'He's looking at me, isn't he?'

Chen Xiaoqian blushed. She was disgusted by herself for reacting that way to a young man at her mental age.

He was no ordinary good-looking young man—he was a good-looking young man that looked very much like her daughter…

"Little boss!" The secretary came over and interrupted Jia Xiufang's continuous chatter.

"What?! Did you jump from level three? Are you hurt, young man?"

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Chen Xiaoqian looked at the three-leveled building not far behind her. It turned out that they were hiding in the building just now.

"It's alright, Aunty…" the young man scratched his head then looked at Yu Minglang and said awkwardly.

"Boss was furious that you operated without permission. He was shouting in the walkie-talkie…" The fire drill that the company had once a year was ruined by Yu Minglang.

"The people's safety is more important. Let's go!"

After all, the fire drill was just a practice, these people were in real danger just now. Yu Minglang would not regret it even if the boss reprimanded him. Most importantly, he was able to save the Zhou Zhiruo look-alike... No, save the PEOPLE!

After hearing Yu Minglang's assertive words, the crazy man who had been tied up could not help but exclaim in admiration. "Hero, I'm proud of you!"

"Remember, don't hurt the people anymore." Yu Minglang left with a swift move and shuffled past Chen Xiaoqian.

All the memories she had of him rushed to her head. 

The man supported and stuck by her through thick and thin. 

He held her dying body while his tears dripped on her. It was undeniable that he was experiencing extreme grievance. 

He was the only man she had been intimate with. How could she forget he was the father of her daughter.

At this very moment, her hair brushed across his face and he was not affected. He left with a cold expression without even turning his head.

Suddenly the urge to wash her hands returned. She was unhappy.

The imperious shadow stopped abruptly, turned, and ran toward Chen Xiaoqian.

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