3 A Young Man Admiring a Beautiful Woman In Secret

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Chen Xiaoqian grabbed the broom handle from the man, took the plastic basin from her mother, and capped it forcefully on the man's head. Then, she pushed him away.

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"Don't you dare hit her again!"

The man was stupefied by the force that Chen Xiaoqian exerted. This woman seemed polite and gentle, but she exerted quite the strength as she spoke just now. 

At the same time, Jia Xiufang was stunned by her daughter's act.

Her daughter was great in school and she helped with the house chores. She rarely spoke and when she did, it was always in a soft tone. Everybody thought she was an introverted child.

However, that 'introverted child' became fearless and stood up against a grown man when she saw her mother in danger!

At this very moment, Jia Xiufang's emotions as a mother became very complicated.

She stood behind Chen Xiaoqian and looked at her daughter's small physique exerting such a powerful force. Coupled with the thought that she was to be married soon, a long-suppressed sadness overcame her.

Jia Xiufang sat on the floor and wailed uncontrollably while slapping her thighs.

With all her might, CHen Xiaoqian stared at the man who hit her mother. She was sweating. After all, she had been at the top of the food chain for a long time in her previous life. She had this innate overbearing temperament and her stare. Coupled with the wailing Jia Xiufang, they both were enough to scare the man.

"Forget it, you're both crazy…" He was only trying to discipline his child. How did he come to encounter such a troublesome mother-daughter duo?

The man turned around and was about to leave when Chen Xiaoqian grabbed his arm and demanded, "Apologize."

"But you started—"

"A-PO-LO-GIZE!" Chen Xiaoqian demanded again with a stronger tone of voice.

The man did not have a choice but to apologize to the crying Jia Xiufang.

"I'm sorry. It got out of hand as I was disciplining my girl, I didn't mean to hit you..." He felt wronged too as he had suffered a couple of bloody scratch marks resulted from the fight of the crying woman on the floor. To whom could he turn to for justice?

He pondered over the fact that he had a daughter who steals and the crazy woman had a daughter that fought for her! 

"What a life I have! This is terrible, my daughter is still so young and she is about to get married!"

Jia Xiufang did not cry because she got hit.

Rather, it was because she saw Chen Xiaoqian had grown up and learned how to protect herself. She felt sad that her daughter was going to be married. Plus, that was the way many menopausal women expressed their feelings—straightforward and unrefined. 

Chen Xiaoqian rolled her eyes although this was the second time she witnessed this since she was reborn. Reliving this moment was not less shocking than the first time around.

The man rubbed his hands, unsure of what to do with the crying Jia Xiufang.

"You can go now. This is a menopausal syndrome, she lost control of her emotion. Leave her be."

The man was relieved to hear and quickly left.

Jia Xiufang was angry and sad about what her daughter said about her. She hit her with the basin and said, "You're heartless!" 

The vendor stood there stunned by the power of this mother-daughter team. He only dared approach them timidly when he saw that the battle was over. 

"Excuse me, the basin is three for ten!"

Chen Xiaoqian searched for ten bucks from her mother's pocket and gave it to the vendor. Jia Xiufang stood up quickly without wiping off her tears. 

"I only took one here, I'll go to your stall to get the other two. You stupid girl, you're dead meat when we get home!"

Chen Xiaoqian stood still and watched her mother's facial expression changed rapidly. She then shook her head.

Her mother remained the same as before, she did not let others take advantage of her.

At the corner of her eye, she saw a vegetable vendor with a bucket of water. Chen Xiaoqian went and asked politely., "May I wash my hands with this water?"

As the water moistened her fingers, the irritable feeling faded away. She rubbed and washed her hands. Then she recalled her reaction and was troubled.

She knew her OCD was the culprit behind the urge of helping the child. This crumbled the image of the cold-hearted witch that she had posed for herself. However, why did she extend her hand to her mother in the end? 

Was she not cold-hearted, after all? Did she not promise herself not to care about her parents who valued her brother more than her? Why did she react the way she did when her mother was being attacked?

Chen Xiaoqian opened her hand and let the water droplets sparkle under the sun as she mumbled to herself.

"Emotion is the most useless thing in the world. Too much emotion would only bring about troubles to ourselves. Only those who cannot resolve a crisis would turn to violence. I shouldn't have done it just now. Apparently, I'm still too young..." 

She justified her unusual behavior with 'being too young' for the time being and mumbled all of those to herself with a tone that only she could hear. It was like a psychological cue to herself.

No one could hear it but someone saw it.

Next to the market was a six-level building. On the top level stood a man in his sportswear, watching Chen Xiaoqian with his binoculars. 

A company was having fire drills, Yu Minglang was the little boss and he was in charge. Just as he was observing the terrain nearby, he witnessed an interesting scene with his binoculars. 

This beautiful girl fought for her mother and saved a girl from being beaten by her father.

This woman was extremely beautiful. She had delicate facial features and she wore silver-rimmed glasses. She looked like a goody-two-shoes. Why was Yu Minglang spying on her?

It was because she had a red mole between her brows. It was the same as Zhou Zhiruo in Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, but she was prettier than Zhou Zhiruo.

Yu Minglang had a secret. When he read the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber1, he did not like the kind Xiaozhao, nor the quirky Zhao Min. He loved the forceful Zhou Zhiruo. It was a secret he told no one.

Thus when he saw that a beautiful girl having the same red mole as Zhou Zhiruo, the cool boss secretly spied on her with binoculars.

Yu Minglang thought he was mistaken when the girl grabbed the man's hand to protect her mother. He put down his binoculars and looked again. Although it was not clear, he confirmed that the lady who looked like Zhou Zhiruo actually did it!

"Little Boss, what's happening?" Yu Minglang's secretary asked.

"She's elegant and yet forceful, just like a flying dragon. Amazing, simply amazing."

'What?' The secretary wondered, 'Can you focus? All units are waiting for your command!'

This little boss was a man of few words. It was difficult for a normal human being to understand what he said when he only spoke a sentence or two. He was a typical highly-educated child of the rich.

Yu Minglang saw Chen Xiaoqian washed her hands and he aimed his binoculars at her. He watched as her lips moved. Yu Minglang was a top student and he studied lip reading before. Thus, every word that Chen Xiaoqian mumbled and thought nobody had heard, was deciphered by Yu Minglang. 

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