4 Turning Over A New Leaf

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Song Shi Cheng looked like he had just seen a ghost when it popped up. He had been researching the Antagonist Counterattack System over the past few days but failed to make it show itself. It was surprising for him that the first mission had been released at this very moment.

The shock he was experiencing was due to the missions content.

Retain Ye Wen Sheng? Does this mean he plans to resign and leave? Song Shi Cheng thought.

He was motivated by the prospect. When he saw the look of disappointment in Ye Wen Sheng's eyes, he could already guess that Ye Wen Sheng had become disheartened with his family and the company. It was obvious that he intended to resign.

First and foremost, Assistant Ye had been working with Old Song for decades before he died. However, after Old Song had passed away, Ji Jing, who had just taken over the company, had been wary of Assistant Ye. As for Assistant Ye, he had his own reservations.

Even the most loyal of retainers would not be willing to serve someone like him who only knew how to eat, drink and have fun. When that was paired with the turbulence Feng Hua Group was currently facing, it was within reason that Ye Wen Sheng had decided to leave.

Assistant Ye might have been hesitating to leave before. Ji Jing was questioning and blaming him now. He no longer had any more reluctance regarding the matter.

Ji Jing on the other hand was totally unconcerned. There was only her son in her eyes. She would never let anyone who dared to pick a fight with her son go. Although Ye Tian, who had caused her son such a serious injury had been arrested, she still couldn't bury the fury in her heart. Thus, she had directed her anger towards Ye Wen Sheng, who was Ye Yian's uncle.

Song Shi Cheng immediately stepped in when he saw Ji Jing planned to push Ye Wen Sheng further.

"Uncle Ye, please don't act like that. I can't afford to accept such a gesture," Song Shi Cheng said as he went over to help Ye Wen Sheng stand up straight.

"Not only are you my elder, but you have also been assisting my dad since the very beginning and have contributed greatly to the company's current success. If my dad was still alive, he would skin me alive for subjecting you to such petty grievances."

Ye Wen Sheng's body froze when Song Shi Cheng grabbed him. He even trembled twice after hearing what the young man had to say. He lifted up his face and stared at his playboy of a young master with eyes filled with disbelief.

Ji Jing was stunned as well. After all, a mother understood her own son the best. She never knew about Song Shi Cheng having a kind and generous side. Based on his past actions, he would usually just air his own grievances without considering his fault in the matter. Then he would rush to Ye Wen Sheng and demand for him to eliminate the person who had offended him.

Right now, he was behaving like a totally different person. He had actually taken the initiative to comfort Ye Wen Sheng. Had the concussion caused some damage to his brain?

"Son, you intend to…" Ji Jing started.

"Mom, we will let this whole matter end here. That's my intention," Song Shi Cheng said very calmly.

"If you look at the underlying cause, it was me who started this conflict in first place. Moreover, the culprit is now in police custody. He should be held accountable for his own actions. There's no reason to blame Uncle Ye for what happened."

Under Ji Jing's gaze, Song Shi Cheng turned his head and said, "Uncle Ye, my mom was just being overprotective of me. There are just too many things happening at home and in the company right now. So please bear with my mom since her mood will definitely be bad. I apologize if we wronged you in anyway."

Ye Wen Sheng immediately stopped Song Shi Cheng when he saw him about to apologize by bowing.

"Stop. Don't do this, Young Master Song. I have been following your father for decades now. Both your parents treated me kindly all this year. How can I fuss over such a small matter?" Ye Wen Sheng said.

"I can be at ease then," Song Shi Cheng said with a laugh.

"As such, this matter is now resolved. Don't bring it up again in the future. Uncle Ye, you have been serving our family wholeheartedly all these years. This bond will always be kept in our heart. I have already seen you as one of my relatives. So, how can I resent you just because of this matter?"

Song Shi Cheng's last few words were not spoken in vain. Who didn't know that the old Song Shi Cheng had never placed Ye Wen Sheng in his sight before? The old Song Shi Cheng only saw Ye Wen Sheng as a devoted dog serving the family. Respect wasn't even considered.

Ye Wen Sheng was flooded with a range of different emotions after hearing what Song Shi Cheng said. He couldn't help but recall all the ups and downs he had experienced serving the Song family all these years. It could be said that because of all the ups and downs a strong bond between him and the Song family was formed. 

"Although Ye Tian is a relative of yours, I know you're not close to him. I know that you had the family's interest at heart when you first recommended him to work at this hospital. It's not surprising that he was able to move you since he's very talented. No matter what, I believe you'll be able to separate reason from emotion and make a wise judgment," Song Shi Cheng said righteously.

Since he was the novel's author, he had the advantage of knowing exactly what the relationships between all the characters were.

"Rest assured Young Master Song, I know what needs to be done," Ye Wen Sheng said with a sigh and a nod.

Although he was clueless what had led to this playboy of a young master's odd behavior, the trust he had been shown was truly heart-warming. It had also made him rethink his decision to resign.

"Son, do you need me to ask a doctor to give examine you?" Ji Jing asked.

She felt her son had been behaving abnormally since he woke up from his injury.

"Mom, there's nothing wrong with me. In fact, I've been more clear-headed since I woke up. I know I haven't been very sensible in the past. I have caused all sorts of trouble for you and dad because of the outrageous acts I have committed. It's only fair for me to bear the blame for the series of incidents that have happened," Song Shi Cheng said.

Song Shi Cheng recalled the common words of repentance used by most protagonists in modern literature after they were reborn into the body of the playboy young master. The things they would tell the person's loved ones at least. So, he conveniently blurted out those lines next.

"I've been reflecting a lot these past few days while I've been hospitalized. Whatever I did in the past, I shouldn't have pushed things to the limit. A lot of things could have been avoided if I hadn't been so extreme with my actions," he said.

Ji Jing was shocked by what she was hearing. She was surprised by her son's transformation. Yet, her son had begun to evoke memories that reminded her of her late husband. If her late husband had not deliberately defaulted on paying his construction workers' salaries and backed them into a corner, he wouldn't have been shot dead in the first place.

Sadly there was no medicine for regret. The incident had already happened. Now, Ji Jing could only hope that her son could avoid repeating her late husband mistakes.

"Son, you… you definitely have grown up," Ji Jing said.

She felt delighted and emotional at the same time. She burst into tears again soon after. Once again, Song Shi Cheng had to wipe his mother's tear sand console her.

"Mom, let go of the past. We should look towards the future instead. I will assist you in shouldering the heavy responsibility of bringing the company back from where it is," he said.

Ye Wen Sheng's emotion also fell into turmoil when he heard that. Song Shi Cheng waited for his mother's emotions to stabilize before he continued.

"Mom, I still have something to do. I would like to speak to Uncle Ye alone. Why don't you wait outside for the time being?" he asked.

Ji Jing's looked at both of them in puzzlement with her swollen eyes before she finally nodded in agreement. After his mom left the ward, Song Shi Cheng let out a sigh in his heart. All the things he had said just now were for the purpose of appeasing Ye Wen Sheng. However, this also made it impossible for him to eliminate the protagonist, Ye Tian.

It was not because he was unwilling to destroy a character he had personally created. It just was not the right time to deal with Ye Tian yet. It was inevitable that their conflict with each other would only continue to escalate given how their relationship had developed so far. He would only end up losing everything if he became too soft-hearted.

Based on his understanding, Ye Tian might have been arrested but the police should be releasing him soon. It wouldn't have made much of a difference even if he tried to pull some strings.

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