1 The shitty game

[Normal bland days. Boredom has consumed us. You humans have no reason to try. If life was a set of stairs humans have replaced it with escalators. In human life only the few unfortunate still walk the stairs. How do you pass time on this escalators. Games and TV what else is there to do. You want to put in effort and try but come on real life is boring. So you dived into the virtual. So what should I do for my suffering, bored subjects. Ill make your life a game isn't that great you can rejoice. Monsters, Magic and all that sorta stuff I hope your happy. Now lets begin [good luck!]...]

"This was the announcement that sent the world to shit. Well apparently. Thats what im told actually. But its been at least a 1000 years since then. Rejoice my ass. Im hear slaving away because of this game BS. Why not sci-fi you fucking twat choose medieval fantasy. Your mad. Its been 1000 years and we haven't even entered a industrial revolution." The man grumbled to himself. He went quiet for a couple seconds before shouting again. "Restricting world advancement until the event is cleared. Its been 238 years since the announcement and no ones cleared it. Those ranked bastards need to hurry up"

Snickering emerged from groups near the man as he swung his hoe. "At least let us have plough!" He screamed out.**Klang, Klang** "Alright boys you can stop, Head home and rest!" Yelled the boss.

"Yeah, Yeah. [Status]" I muttered:

[Name: Lucas [???]]

[Age: 15]

[Race: Human]

[Health: 14/26]

[LVL: 4]

[STR: 9] [VIT: 13] [AGI: 5] [DEX: 21]

[Skills: [Appraise {MAX}] [Farming {MAX}] [Farming Adv. {2}] [Scythe Arts {4}] ]

[Magics: [Fertilizer {3}] [

[Curses: [???] - This body's health will never regenerate [Stalled] - This body's LVL cannot rise]

[Titles: adoptive child of the immortal fool, The immortals hope]

Fuck I thought. Whats the old man doing putting his hopes on me. The whores a first gen. She's long gone and she betrayed you. Fucking idiotic simp. Well ill find out anyway now wont I.

**Bang, Bang**

Hammering on the old mans door I screamed "What have you found out know. A way to save a woman whose been dead for over 980 years?"

"Yes I have you brat and a way to get rid of your curses" the old man responded

"No fucking way how old man?"

"Ill send your soul back in time and posses my body. And then when the game starts you'll get your status and memories back without your curses and then you can save her."

"Your an idiot, Why would I save her if I don't remember until the last minute. And plus id still be weak and won't be able to save the whore"

"Listen hear brat. She's exactly your type looks wise. And well there's no way you can't love her personality. After all I raised ya like that."

"Its still not fucking normal to do that to your son. Do you want your son shaggin your ex."

"I don't care I just want her to live a decent life this time."

"Plus you could become immortal like me"

"Thats pretty fucking nice okay do it. Do it quick"

**Fwssh, clunk, MUGIC**