9 Chapter 9

When Mara opened her eyes, the first thing she can feel is the softness of the bed where she is laying in. She can also feel a little bit dizzy. Mara guessed it was the effect of chloroform they forced her to sniffed earlier. She knew that the leader of Silver Jaguar was not pleased since he lost to her earlier, but she did not expect them to kidnapped her like this.

'Oh well... It is only a waste of time to cry over spilled milk.'

While Mara is making sure that she is now truly awake and completely aware of her surroundings, she is also thinking of some ways on how to leave this place. Though the room is spacious, Mara does not like the interior design of it. Mara is pretty sure that they took her purse so she can't call someone right now. She smiles wryly to herself thinking about Akira's worried expression.

'I guess I have to prepare my ears again once Akira finds me later.'

Mara was talking to Akira on the phone earlier as he informed her that he already arrived in the city. She was about to give him a witty reply when all of a sudden, someone grabbed Mara from behind and covered her nose and mouth with a cloth soaked in chemicals. Knowing her friend very well, Mara knows that Akira is now probably panicking inside, but he is still having that stiff expression on his face. Mara will surely hear his endless scolding when they meet again after this.

While pondering on these thoughts, Mara heard the door clicked. When she turned her head and looked at the door, Mara saw the leader of Silver Jaguar entering the room.

'What is his name again? It's close with the word cabinet or something. Oh, never mind.'

For Mara, that man is not even that important for her to remember his name. He is just an irrelevant character in her life. The boss is still having that fake smile he was wearing while they were playing poker earlier.

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"Ah. You're awake." He said and nodded his head. "I hope my men did not hurt you while bringing you here."

"Not at all." Mara replied and smiled at him. "In fact, I do have a nice nap thanks to them."

The man got surprised at her unexpected answer. He got dumbfounded for a while before he letting out a loud and nasty laugh.

"Ah! I am not mistaken when I thought earlier that you are quite special." He said while being amused with himself. "It is a pity if I will just sell you to my friends abroad."

Mara raised a brow when she heard his last statement. Now that he mentioned it, Mara heard it somewhere that there is a mafia group in the city that is committing human trafficking. They abduct women and sell them at a very high price. The women they sold were either turning them into slaves or using their internal organs for some illegal operations. Mara did not expect them to be 'that' mafia group.

"It is such a pity that you will just disappear without any notice. You look like a popular woman. But don't worry, you will be easily forgotten after a few weeks. I'm pretty sure your family and friends will be sad. Also, I'm hoping that your new owner will love and take good care of you."

He is talking as if Mara is some pet that he will be selling in a pet shop.

'Kinda sick, if you will ask me.'

"My clients are going to be pleased to see a rare woman like you. I am actually hoping to earn a lot of money from you too."

"If you are planning to sell me, you better have a high price appropriate for my value." Mara said jokingly to him. "You can never measure my real value though."

"Of course, miss. You are rare merchandise to find that is why I will sell you at a very high price." He said before sitting on the couch near the bed. "But I am wondering why are you not screaming and begging for your life? Most of the women we brought here are asking us to let them go and have mercy on them. But not you."

"Why should I? If I am destined to die here, then so it be. And besides, I do not want to be tired from screaming for help." Mara simply said. "My turn to ask a question. Why are you telling me all of this?"

"Simply because you can't leave even if you tried."

'Oh. I see.'

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