8 Chapter 8

As she chatted with the other managers, Ryuu suddenly noticed the boss of Silver Jaguars was talking to his subordinates. He silently observed them for a while. It was not really bad if there are some mafia groups who decided to play in this casino as long as they will not cause any ruckus. Jack suddenly rushed towards Ryuu with Bern following him from behind. These two were Ryuu's loyal guards.

"Boss, I am finished checking the whole area. There is no problem with tonight." Jack cheerfully reported to his boss.

"You are being so loud." Bern scolded Jack. "You are disturbing the other guest with your loud voice."

"Of course not!" Jack protested.

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When Jack looked at the guys behind his boss, Ryuu noticed that he was looking at Mara with a tilted head.

"She looks familiar. Where did I see her—Ah!" Because of his sudden loud voice, he unintentionally gathered Mara's attention. "She's the woman— Hmprh!"

Bern quickly covered Jack's mouth before he can completely reveal anything more. Of course, Jack can't easily hide a secret. Ryuu is really asking himself why did he let Jack be a part of Black Dragons despite his chatty personality. She maybe looked familiar to him because he saw her picture on Ryuu's table last night. After their small encounter on the elevator yesterday, Ryuu asked Bern to investigate her real quick.

After a few hours, Bern returned with a folder in his hand. Ryuu read the documents that contained more details about Mara. Just like what Dice said, she is the owner of a famous restaurant chain in Quintel City. Her mother died when she was still young, so her father is the only one who raised her. In terms of her educational background, Mara attended a music school abroad until she suddenly transferred back to Finrel City and study business management.

When Ryuu asked Bern about the reason why she transferred school, it was because Mara got involved in an accident that injured both of her hands. Though she can still use her hands, there were times that she would feel numb and unable to move her fingers. Because Mara cannot continue as a musician, she needed to choose another career. Bern voiced his opinion that if she did not injure her hands, there is a huge chance that Mara is now a famous musician known for her unique skills in playing the instrument.

She also has a lot of accomplishments in her business career. The information about her is normal for a businesswoman like her. But deep inside, Ryuu cannot shake this weird feeling that Mara is really hiding something shady from them. Especially when she knows his identity and she seems familiar with the Black Dragons. Ryuu asked Bern to investigate her one more time and tell him to give the information he will find later.

"Is there a problem?" Mara approached them while looking at Jack and Bern. Jack escaped from Bern's arms and exhales a lot.

"Are you trying to kill me?!" Jack asked Bern in a loud voice.

"I will if you do not stop that blabbering mouth of yours." Bern replied in an unbothered voice. After that, he looks at Mara. "I am Bern Li and this guy over here is Jack Hemil."

"I am Mara Fujisaki." She introduced herself to the two guards before turning her gaze at Ryuu. "Friends of yours or some of the members of your group?"

Ryuu gave her a sharp look which Mara answered with a cheeky smile. He really wanted to ask her how did she know them, but Ryuu doubts that she will answer him truthfully. This woman is dangerous. She knows how to play with her surroundings. Until he finds out the truth, he will stay quiet for now. Mara's phone suddenly rang so she excused herself to answer the call.

"Ryuu." Bern called his boss.

"I know. We better observe her for a while before making any movements. For now, our priority is the tight security of the auction for tonight."


As Ryuu parted ways with his subordinates, he joined Jester as he started playing Baccarat. Everything is normal until Lily ran towards them. Ryuu and Jester already noticed that there is something wrong. Lily stops in front of them for a while and took a deep breath. Afterward, she pulled Jester's arm and looked at him with horror in her eyes.

"Jester... Mara... She... She was kidnapped by those people she was playing with earlier!"

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