7 Chapter 7

Jester asked the auction managers to go to the casino earlier that is why the five managers are all present tonight. Lily is also there with Jester as his date for tonight. Ryuu guessed they are still waiting for their newest member. That woman really has a gut of steel. This is the second time that she made them wait for her arrival. Isn't it being irresponsible that someone like her is being late all the time? When Ryuu saw his guards, he told them to check the security of the area. They still have three more hours before the auction officially for tonight starts.

Suddenly, the managers heard a loud cheer from a poker table not too far away from where they are standing. When they all approached the table, the managers saw Mara sitting on a chair with a velvet cushion while having a poker match with one of their VIP guests. But what surprised them is the fact that their new manager is actually facing the leader of Silver Jaguars. By just looking at their table, it is pretty obvious that Mara is the one who keeps on winning. The casino chips are continuously piling up on her side.

The leader of Jaguars placed his cards on the table. Straight Flush. Ryuu thought that he is already the winner of this poker match, but Mara placed her cards on the table as well. Full House. The leader of Jaguars lets out a long sigh before looking at Mara again.

"I lost." He said in a friendly voice. "Who would have thought that I will be facing a beautiful lady who is good at playing cards."

"You are complimenting me too much, sir." Mara said with her usual smile on her lips. "I am just lucky tonight, I guess."

When Ryuu turned his head and looked at Jester, he can see the usual smug expression on his face.

"I assumed that you choose her because she really is good at playing these games." Ryuu asked Jester.

"I choose her because she is actually good that our matches are always draw. That is why we never have a winner or a loser whenever we compete." He said that makes the four of them really surprised.

Jester really hates to lose. That is why it really surprised all of them to know that Mara can actually compete with him. She stands up from her seat and talked to the pit boss for a while before facing the crowd.

"All of your drinks are on me tonight. I hope you all enjoy your time here."

A round of applause surrounded them before Mara makes her way towards the managers. She is still wearing that smile of hers.

'Is she not capable of making any expression aside from that?'

"So you already started even without us?" Jester asked Mara.

"Not really. I just happened to pass on their table and that guy noticed me. Since he invited me, who am I to refuse a guest, right?" Mara explained before calling for a waiter and asked for a glass of champagne. "Satisfied that my skills are not as rusty as you expected?"

As she chatted with the other managers, Ryuu suddenly noticed the boss of Silver Jaguars is suspiciously talking to his subordinates. He silently observed them for a while. It is not really bad if some mafia groups decided to visit and play in this casino as long as they will not cause any ruckus. Jack suddenly rushed towards Ryuu with Bern following him from behind. These two are Ryuu's loyal guards.

"Boss, I just finished checking the whole area. There will be no problem with tonight's auction." Jack cheerfully reported to his boss.

"You are being so loud." Bern scolded Jack. "You are disturbing the other guest with your loud voice."

"Of course not!" Jack protested.

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When Jack looked at the guys behind his boss, Ryuu noticed that he is looking at Mara with a tilted head.

"She looks familiar. Where did I see her—Ah!" Because of his sudden loud voice, he unintentionally caught Mara's attention. "She's the woman— Hmprh!"

Bern quickly covered Jack's mouth before he can completely reveal anything more. Of course, Jack can't easily hide a secret. She maybe looked familiar to him because he saw her picture on Ryuu's table last night. After their small encounter on the elevator yesterday, Ryuu asked Bern to investigate her real quick.

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