6 Chapter 6

The meaningful smile that Mara gave to them made the two energetic managers jump on their seats.

"Woah, Woah. So you are actually telling us that you beat Jester in a poker game?!" Gael asked Mara. "The 'Jester Lim' who never loses a game?!"

"Are you for real?!"

"Or maybe the real goddess of luck? I mean, ever since we started working in this business, we never met a situation where Jester Lim loses a game especially in gambling!"

She just noticed that Gael who was lazily sitting on the sofa earlier is now listening intently to the story she to telling them with undivided attention. Mara can only guess that she piqued his interest. At least the guy is not as boring as she expected a while ago.

"I never said that I beat him though?" Mara said before she laughed again. She was actually enjoying talking with these guys.

"So you lost?" Ryuu said.

Mara stops the urge of raising her brow at him. This is the first time that Ryuu Mizushima took an interest in her story.

"Hmm... Kind of." Mara simply said before reaching for her cup of coffee again.

"I do not get it." Vincent said with a small frown on his face.

"Enough of it." Jester finally said before standing up from his seat. "We still have to double-check the items. Dice and Vincent, come with me."

Taking this as a signal, all the managers start moving away from their seats. As Mara placed the cup on the table, her phone suddenly vibrated again. Looking at the Caller ID, she pressed the red button before standing up.

"Let us just meet later at the casino." Mara said before she stepped out of the penthouse lobby. Her phone ring again and the same Caller ID is showing on the screen. This time, she answers the call.

"You are calling me as if I am missing."

(It is because you really are missing.) He answered Mara before letting out a relieved sigh.

"I am in Dandel City right now." Mara cut the chase and tell him the location. She is pretty sure that he will discover her whereabouts sooner or later. "You can follow me next week after you finish your paper works."

(No. I will be taking the earliest flight I can get now. My paper works can wait.)

This time, Mara is the one who lets out a sigh.

'Is there a way for me to have a break from this guy's overprotectiveness?'

She is currently talking with Akira right now. Mara left him in Finsar City without saying anything. Knowing him, of course, Akira will find her as soon as he learned that she was missing.

"Akira, you know that the documents on your hands are important."

(Then I will bring these with me. Besides, you are more important.)

"Aww... You are so sweet. Be careful though. I may fall in love with you if you continue being like that." Mara said before laughing. She heard him sighing again on the other line which makes her laugh more.

(I will go there as soon as possible. Stay away from trouble. I am begging you.)

Mara can hear the exhaustion from his voice. Still, it makes her smile.

"Hmm... Fine. I will give you a little break so I will really stay away from trouble until you arrive here. Have a safe trip!" Mara said before ending the call. As she patiently waits for the elevator, Mara feels a presence behind her back. Ryuu is standing not too far from her while staring—No. He is observing her.

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"What is your motive, woman?" Ryuu asked and move his feet and slowly approached her.

Mara slowly blinked her eyes as if she is trying to process the question she received just now.

"Motive?" Mara asked. "What are you talking about?"

"Stop playing games with me." Ryuu said hoping that the woman in front of him will no longer prolong this conversation.

Mara stares at him for a second before a soft chuckle escaped from her lips.

"Mr. Mizushima, will you believe me if I say I simply want to have a thrill in life?" Mara answered him with another question. After that, there is a long silence between them.

"I do not trust you." Ryuu firmly stated.

"Yeah?" Mara asked and tilted her head a little. "Then that is good. Because I also do not trust myself."

When the elevator door opened, Mara did not move from her spot. Mara saw Ryuu entering the elevator. She just shows Ryuu a smile until the elevator door closed.

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