5 Chapter 5

While Mara is sitting there quietly, she was also listening to Jester as he discussed the things needed for their upcoming auction. Mara remembered when she called him earlier and informed him that she had already arrived in Dandel City. Jester scolded her for not letting him fetched her to the airport before he told her to go straight to his hotel so that they can discuss things as soon as possible. Mara already had a hunch on what job Ace wants to offer, but she did not expect that being one of the auction managers is one of them.

Jester's black market auction is not a piece of surprising news to her anymore. Jester had once invited her to come to one of his auctions before, but Mara can't come because of her tight schedule. Also, his auctions are too famous in the inner circle of high socialites. This kind of thing is just a good event for those influential people who do not know where to spend their money.

Mara suddenly felt her phone vibrating inside her purse, so she fished it out and looked at the screen.

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'Of course. He is still calling me again.'

The moment Mara arrived in Dandel City, he is already calling her non-stop. Mara ignored his call and put her phone on the table upside down. As she leaned her back on the sofa, Lily placed a cup of coffee on the table in front of her.

"I do not know what is your preference in coffee so I hope you don't mind if it is black coffee." Lily said with a hospitable smile.

"Do not worry too much about it. I am not that picky when it comes to my coffee." Mara said to reassure her.

Mara observed Lily for a little while she is serving the other managers with their coffee and tea. It seems like the rumors are all true. The woman Jester chose was just a normal girl. Not only that, but Lily also does not act like a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth. It's not like Mara is judging Jester's taste in women. Let's just say Mara did not really expect it, that's all.

'Well... As long as Ace is happy with his choice, who am I to judge him. Right?'

When Mara lifted the cup of coffee to her lips, she saw Ryuu who is still looking at her with suspicious eyes. Not that she can blame him. After all, Mara acted like someone who had an ulterior motive since she mentioned his position in the mafia world just a minute ago. Mara met Ryuu's eyes and she gave him a smile which he simply ignored by looking away from her.

"We will be having the auction tomorrow as planned." Jester said before turning his attention back to Mara. "You will join us tonight at the casino."

"Testing me right after you appoint me to my new job?" Mara asked him before placing the cup of coffee she is holding back on the table.

"I just wanted to make sure your skills are not yet rusty."

"You are making this newbie so nervous, you know?" Mara said and smiled at Jester which he replied with a haughty scoff. Because of that gesture, Mara can't help but let out a laugh.

"I am really itching and dying to ask this question." Dice started. "But how did the two of you know each other?"

"We met at one of the parties held by Jester's business partner before." Mara answered Dice since she was pretty sure Ace will never give them the answer. "He was the one who found the ring I lost and returned it to me. I can still remember that he gave me that ring with that 'friendly' smile of his."

Mara suddenly laughs when she remembered the exact scenario that happened before. Jester can fool everyone with that smile of his, but Mara is not one of them. You cannot easily fool someone who is also good at fooling other people's eyes.

"As a polite businessman, he personally gave the ring to me. Ace found me playing in the casino at that time. Since I wanted to give my gratitude, I asked him for a poker match. Let's just say that started the little business partnership that we have right now."

Different expressions were shown on their faces after Mara finished her story. Jester is now scowling at her again, Dice, Vincent and even Gael who was lazying around just a moment ago are now having a surprised look, a troubled expression on Lily's face, and a blank expression for Ryuu.

"So who wins?" Vincent asked.

"Would you believe me if I say..." Mara said before looking at Jester.

Then Mara gave them a meaningful smile.

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