4 Chapter 4

When Ryuu turns his head to see who is the person Jester is talking with, it is the same woman Ryuu met earlier in the lobby.

"Am I?" She answered Jester with a smile. "Then forgive me for being late."

All of them aside from Jester literally look in her direction. Without being bothered by their interrogating gazes, the beautiful woman stands there looking at Jester with a smile. Jester told her to sit on the sofa which she quickly obliges with a smile still plastering on her pretty face. She sits beside that slacker Gael and looks at them.

"Now that we are all here, we can start the meeting." Jester started as he put the tablet he's holding on the table before calling his girlfriend. They heard Jester telling his woman to come to the penthouse before gazing at them.

Ryuu is not the only one who is lost with his statement. They are now starting their meeting about the auction with a stranger? Jester knows what he is doing for sure, but Ryuu does wish that he should start explaining everything first to them before doing something like this.

"She is our new auction manager. Starting today, she will be a part of our group." Jester simply said as he looks at them one by one.

'A new auction manager? And a woman? What is Jester's thinking?'

Ryuu knows that he is not the only one who is thinking about these questions. Ryuu can clearly see from the other's expressions that they also wanted to ask him these questions. And why does Jester decided about it without asking for his opinion?

"So this is the job you are telling me on the phone?" Ryuu heard the woman asked Jester.

"Yes. I am planning to make you take care of the casino of my hotel since I will be busy for the next five months and I want someone to take good care of it. I also intend to use your bilingual abilities so I can settle a deal with some of my business partners."

"Really? You want me to handle the management of your casino? What if it goes bankrupt because of me? And you want me to be your personal translator because you wanted to make sure that the details you will be discussing with your 'business partners' will never leak. Not only that, but you also want me to participate in your auctions. Such a heavy job for a newbie like me, don't you think? You are such a slave driver, Ace." The woman said with a smirk on her face.

"Oh, please. We both know your capabilities. I expect to see great results from you."

"My... I am particularly flattered that the famous Jester Lim is complimenting me."

The two of them looked at each other with a smirk on their faces. Somehow, looking at both of them makes Ryuu think that they know what each other is thinking. It is really bothering Ryuu for some reason. Breaking her eye contact with Jester, the woman looks at them and finally formally introduces herself.

"I am Mara Fujisaki. Just like what Ace said, I will be the newest auction manager. I hope we can get along well."

"Ace?" Vincent asked.

"Oh. That is what I called him." She said.

Mara told Vincent that she randomly thinks of something which can describe Jester's personality and attitude. She also explained that the 'Ace' is the highest rank in playing cards so she chose it as Jester's nickname.

Ryuu didn't utter a word, but he is silently observing Mara. She seems shady to Ryuu. Both his logic and instincts are telling him that Mara is not the usual woman you always see in the typical business parties. And if Jester himself chooses her to be an auction manager, then it proves that Mara is not an ordinary woman.

Just then, Dice joined Vincent and that woman's conversation.

"Wait. Are you the one who started a restaurant chain in Quintel City? It sure a hit the last time I heard. To think that the beautiful owner of a famous restaurant is right in front of my eyes."

Dice flirtatiously introduced himself to Mara which she just simply accepts with a smile. Next is Vincent, who shows his famous smile, and then Gael who just told his name before returning to his nap. When Mara turns her head towards me, their eyes meet again.

'What? Is she waiting for me to introduce myself?'

"My name is Ryuu Mizushima." He said as he maintains his usual expression.

"I know." Mara said before letting out a soft chuckle. "I already know who you are."

Ryuu scowls a little when I heard what she says.

"Please do not give me that look. I just simply know your existence because you are quite famous for being the young boss of the Black Dragons. After all, your name also means dragon, right?"

She knows a lot for a simple businesswoman. Before Ryuu can ask her more questions, the door opens, revealing Jester's woman who is obviously in a bad mood.

"Do you need something?" Lily, Jester's girlfriend, asked.


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"I am not your personal maid, you know? I also have my own business to take care of!" Lily complains yet she still starts collecting Jester's cup on the table. In fact, Lily is just too weak for Jester's requests. "I should also make a cup of coffee for- Huh?"

"You must be Ace's girlfriend." Mara said as she looks up at Lily. "I am impressed that Ace found a woman who is willing to follow his every scheme and whim."

When Jester glares at Mara, she only laughs and shakes her head. Mara is not only shady, but she is also strangely brave. It is rare for Ryuu to see a woman who is not scared or intimidated by their presence. Even Lily was too scared when she first met them.

"Sorry. That was rude of me. I am Mara Fujisaki."

"I am Lily Crue."

"Nice to meet you, Lily. I hope we can get along."

When Mara smiled at her, Lily seems to relax and smiles back at her. When Lily turns around and goes to the kitchen to prepare some coffee for them, Jester looks at each one of them before speaking.

"Good. Let us start this meeting now."

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