48 Chapter 48

"You and Shiri are what?!"

Mara thinks their lack of vocabulary for tonight is quite amusing. Maybe it is really surprising to know that Shiri has actual friends. Shiri is a mysterious figure who suddenly appeared in the music world out of nowhere and showed everyone his talent. Several years later, Shiri disappeared in the limelight without a word just like how he showed up from the very beginning.

"Wow. So Shiri can actually talk and communicate?" Dice asked again. "I once witnessed how a reporter tried her best to pull any answers or reactions from Shiri after his performance. But even if she almost pushed Shiri on the ground, that musician never made a sound or even get mad. He just stood up straight as if nothing happened and walked straight outside the venue. I really thought Shiri was actually a robot at that time."

"You are so silly, Dice." Mara mused. "Though I am sorry for breaking it to you but Shiri can actually talk and even make a joke."

"Wow. I feel like I discovered something that can actually change the world's view after you said that, Mara." Vincent said as he plopped his back on the sofa. "That's so... I don't know? Surprising? Exciting? Amusing?"

Before Gael can give his opinion, Vincent continued.

"But maybe that is not really surprising though. He is a musician. Of course, it is natural for him to breathe and have emotions with him."

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Mara asked.

"Well, playing music is also a form of art. We are both in the same line, but different in some cases. If I make paintings, sculptures, and glass pottery, then Shiri makes music. One thing that we have in common is our ability to show ourselves through our crafts."

"Oh, right. I understand you, Vincent. Technologies nowadays can also produce different forms of art, but they cannot convey any emotions. They can just provide us something to satisfy our eyes and ears."

"Right?! If a person cannot show himself through words, then conveying it through our creations is also a good way to do it!"

"In music, changing the arrangement, tempo, and notes can turn a piece of happy music into something sad, scary, or painful. For paintings, changing the patterns, colors, and perspective can show the emotions the artist wants to convey in his creations. Am I right?" Mara asked and tilted her head a little.

"Yes!" Vincent exclaimed. Due to his excitement, he did not notice that he already moved closer to Mara and clasped her hands. "Praise the heaven! Finally! Someone fucking understands me and has good taste and knowledge about art!"

"Pfft. And everyone, we are now witnessing another episode of Vincent's childishness and idiocy." Gael said in a mocking voice before he took a large sip of his champagne.

"Shut up, you hideous and stinking detective. You will never understand the brain cells of people like us who have unique taste and class." Vincent quickly retorted.

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Then he sneered in disgust when Gael drank his water first before pouring the remaining champagne from the bottle on his water glass. Gael definitely saw the way Vincent looks at him and gave him a frown. He can already guess the thoughts running inside his head.

"What? Those champagne glasses are so small and sensitive." Gael defended himself.

"You are so hopeless. I wish your agency fires you tomorrow."

"You know that it will never happen, brat. They will never find a detective as good as me."

"Liar. I heard from Dice that your agency hired a fresh graduate and is rumored to be the next head detective in your department. It seems like that newly hired youngster will steal your job sooner or later, Mr. Stinky Detective."


Vincent ignored Gael with a satisfied look on his face. At least he got his petty revenge from that detective that has a stench of cigarettes all over his body. He returned his focus back to Mara instead. But Vincent flinched when he meets Ryuu's serious eyes.

What did he do this time? Vincent did not try to involve Ryuu in his jokes tonight. He is in a good mood and Vincent does not want to spoil it by making Ryuu pointing a gun at his forehead again. So why is Ryuu glaring at him again as if he is planning to murder him?!

"Hands." Jester suddenly said.

"Ah?" Vincent reacted with a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Instead of answering, Jester lowered his eyes a little and stares at his hands that are still clasping both of Mara's hands in them. Realizing what Jester is trying to say, Vincent quickly lets go of Mara's hands. Then he put a safe distance between him and Mara by sliding his body until he reached the long sofa's armrest.

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