3 Chapter 3

"See you later, Boss!"

Ryuu Mizushima just looks at his loyal subordinate to acknowledge him before walking towards the hotel. Jester called him earlier saying they will be having an emergency meeting about the next auction. Ryuu is thinking of some possible things that they will discuss as he walks towards the entrance. He is pretty sure he already secured all the things they needed for their next auction.

Jester's types of businesses are not normal. Jester Lim owns the largest resort branch in Dandel City and he is still expanding his business around the globe. Not only that, but Jester is also one of the first businessmen who have a legal casino that operates in this city. When it comes to business, Ryuu thinks no one can beat Jester. These are just his normal business because Jester also owns the largest black market auction.

During the auction, one can see a lot of stuff that they do not usually see in a broad daylight. These kinds of stuff are either illegal, stolen, or the rarest items that you can ever find. When Ryuu asked Jester the reason why did he decided to do this auction, Jester smugly answered Ryuu at that time that these illegal things give him a thrill and excitement in his life. Jester is Ryuu's friend, but he will never deny that Jester is also a twisted man.

As he waits for the elevator door to open, a child suddenly bumps on Ryuu's leg. The moment their eyes meet, the little boy suddenly shudders in fear. This is the most familiar thing that happens to Ryuu whenever kids see him. Before the little boy starts to cry, a woman suddenly approaches the child and talks to it in a soothing voice.

"Are you lost?" The woman asked the boy as she crouches down to see his face.

"No..." The boy timidly answers her. Seeing that he is talking to a beautiful lady, the little boy suddenly blushed. "They are in the reception area."

"Oh. Shall we go to them?" She asked the boy again before showing him a smile. The boy energetically nods at her.

The woman gives her hand, which the boy happily accepts. When she stands up, their eyes meet for a moment before the woman fully gives her attention to the child and left with him. Ryuu looks at their retreating figures before he heard the sound of the elevator opening which brings him back to my senses.


Ignoring them, Ryuu entered the elevator. Arriving on the right floor, he can already hear the bickering of those talkative boys before he can open the door to the penthouse. They are being so loud, as usual. When Ryuu opens the door, Vincent is the one who greets Ryuu first.

"Ryuu is already here!" Vincent said with a smile.

"Great timing! Now we can settle this discussion with his answer." Dice said as he also looks at Ryuu with a stupid grin on his face.

Ryuu suspiciously looks at them both. Vincent is an artist who sells his every creation in million dollars while Dice is the acting manager of Vincent. But the truth is, Dice is a private assassin hired by Jester. Looking at them, Ryuu is pretty sure that they are just bickering about something useless.

As Ryuu sit on the sofa, he saw Gael taking a nap again on his usual spot. Jester is sitting in his usual spot too. He is looking at his tablet while sipping the cup of coffee.

'I bet Lily made that coffee for him.'

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Ryuu hates to admit it, but these people are the chosen managers of Jester for the black market auction. As for him, Ryuu is Jester's business partner since half of the ownership of the auction belongs to him.

"Ryuu, who do you think is the prettiest when cross-dressing? Me or Vincent?" Dice asked him while batting his eyelashes.

"The answer is pretty obvious. An old-looking man like you can't even make decent cross-dressing as a woman." Vincent said as he shows Dice a disgusting look.

"I know how handsome you are, Vincent. You are my best friend, after all. But you should be honest to yourself that I can also imitate a beautiful woman when needed. Most importantly, I am only a year older than you!"

"Eww. We are not best friends in the first place."

"Do not be like that. You are hurting my fragile feelings, buddy."

"You should be ashamed of yourself- Hey! I am sorry! We are both saying sorry now! Can you keep your gun away from us?!"

Ryuu's patience for these two gets thinner every second. That is why Ryuu decided to silence them by pointing his gun at them. When they settle down with their noises, Ryuu hears the penthouse door open. Jester looks at the door with an obvious dissatisfied look on his face.

"You are late." Jester said.

The person who opened the door just gave Jester a playful smile.

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