2 Chapter 2

The man looked at the banker with mixed anger and shock on his face.

"What is this?! Why is there a wild card in the deck?!"

"It is a special effect that is activated every time the players are playing here in the casino for the first time for them to enjoy their playing here." The banker quickly explained.


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He suddenly stops from his mad shouting when his eyes saw the woman sitting in front of him.

'I guess he still has a brain, after all.'

She already mentioned earlier that it is her first time playing in the Five Clover Casino. Automatically, their special effects are activated for their game tonight. She already knows the rules of this casino, but the woman never played here before. After all, she was just here to do some business before.

Raging, the man suddenly climbs from the table and grabs the gun he always keeps in his breast pocket. His friends are also throwing havoc and throwing and flipping everything they saw like chairs and tables. Because of this chaos, the guests are now screaming and running outside of the establishment to save themselves. The man points his gun to the woman while glaring at her. But the woman didn't show any reaction. She is still sitting on her chair, calmly watching the unfolding scenes right before her eyes.

"The banker asked us if we wanted to hear the rules, but you are too fast to declined him." She told him as a matter of fact.


"Why? Because I told you that I'm a loser when it comes to poker? Man, it's just a joke. So you actually believe it?" She asked him mockingly.


"Is this the signal for me to interfere?"

The woman glance at the man who is now standing behind her.

"You better do a great job tonight or else, I might throw your body to the deepest part of the ocean."

Hearing this, Akira, her friend and also one of the members of her organization, immediately calls for their men who are just waiting for their signal outside this room. They immediately deal with those guys and while watching them, she can say that it is just an easy battle for them. No need to use much force to defeat those pests.

After some minutes, Akira is now holding the man in his arms. He can't even bulge a little from Akira's strong grip. Getting bored from these scenes, the woman stands up from her seat and wears her coat again. Before the woman can walk past through them, the man suddenly calls her.


And now he's interested to know this woman. Facing him, the beautiful woman gave him a small smile which makes him shiver a little.

'That's right. You should be shivering in fear now that I have you in my hands.'


Instead of answering him, the woman raises her right hand enough for him to see the details of the ring she is wearing on her thumb. His face immediately turns white when he saw the ring.

"T-The F-Fujisaki's... T-The C-Crystal D-Dragons..... S-So y-you're t-their.....N-No... I-It can't be...!"

"So you are aware of my identity." The woman said. "That's right. I am 'that' person. It is a good thing that you didn't notice that you are under the surveillance of my group. You really make this task so easy for me. Anyways, instead of wasting your time asking me a lot of questions, why don't you start praying for your useless trash life now, yes?"

She gave him a sweet smile once again before wordlessly walking out of the casino. The woman elegantly walks straight out of the hotel. A black car is already waiting for her outside. Seeing their boss, the driver quickly opens the back door of the car. Before she can get inside the car, her phone suddenly rings. Fishing out her phone in her purse, the woman raised an eyebrow seeing a familiar name flashing on her phone screen. Nevertheless, she answers the call.

"Hi, Ace!" She chirped in a singsong way.

(Still calling me that?)

Even though she can't see him right now, this woman can still picture the famous smirk plastering on his face.

'This jerk never changes.'

Why? Want me to be so formal with you now? I guess I need to practice calling you with your full name."

(Don't bother. It will just be a waste of time.)

The woman softly laughs when she heard his reason. This prideful man will never admit it, but he likes it whenever she calls him Ace. After all, his ego is higher than any buildings in the whole wide world.

"Anyways, why do you suddenly call me? Don't tell me that you missed me?" She teased. She heard him scoffing on the other line before answering her.

(Don't be silly. I call you because I want to offer you a job.)

"A job? What is it?"

Since it's getting chilly, she decided to ride in the car and the driver closes the back door carefully. They discuss what job he wants to offer with her and surprisingly, it piques her interest.

"Hmm... Maybe I should go back to Dansel City so we can discuss it better in detail?"

(It's better that way. So when are you going to fly back here?)

"Tomorrow. Besides, my business is finished just now so I have nothing to do here in New York. I can say that your call is a blessing in disguise."

(...What business?)

"I will tell you when I arrive there." She said, avoiding the topic nonchalantly.

(Fine. Just tell me when and I'll fetch you.)

"Sure. I need to go now. See you in a few days, Ace. Or should I say... Mr. Lim?"

She heard him sighing softly which makes her giggle. He really hates it whenever she is being formal with him. After some minutes, she ended the call first. She leans her back on the leather seat of the car before sighing.

"Maybe it's time for me to go back to that place, huh?" She whispers to herself before watching the moving scenery on the window silently.

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