20 Chapter 20

"Miss Mara." She heard Akira calling her from behind. Mara can hear a hint of worry and surprise in his voice.

"Do you think I will believe you?!" The man spats at her. "I will never trust someone like you!"

"Why not? You are well aware that I am very capable of doing those things. I have a lot of connections to make it happen." Mara said as a matter-of-fact. "I can even support their financial needs every month. I am quite generous, you know."


"Hmm? Not appealing enough?"


Mara thought he is still not interested in her generous offer. She was about to add more incentives when the man in front of him opened his mouth again. This time, he is not showing too much aggressiveness in front of her.

"...How much?"


"How much can you give to me?"

"How do a hundred million dollars sounds like? It is not really a bad price considering that the Jaguars were now gone and you can't go back to the mafia world ever again. You cannot earn that money so easily these days."

The man lifted his head and looked at Mara with inquiring eyes. He is trying to see if the woman sitting in front of him is lying or not.

"All you have to do is to tell me all the information I want to hear." Mara said. "As simple as that. After that, I will make a call and let the person on the other line process our deal. Okay?"

He turned silent after that. The silence continues in seconds, then turned into a minute. Mara thought that he fell unconscious because of exhaustion, but that was not the case. His eyes are open and looking at the ground.

"...Do you promise to do that?" He suddenly asked.

'Heh. Too easy.'

This man is just carefully thinking of the conditions Mara mentioned to him.

"Of course. You can have my word." Mara said as she shows him the signet ring she is wearing on her thumb finger. "I promise to this ring that my words were true and will be acknowledged by me."

"Miss Mara, that is—"

"And who told you to interfere with my decisions, Akira?" Mara asked and turned her head to look at him. "This is not the time for you to talk to me like that. Or have you totally forgot your position?"

Akira stopped from moving and bowed his body in front of Mara.

"I apologize for my insolence, Miss Mara. You can punish me for doing such things."

Mara ignored him and looked at the wounded man in front of her again.

"So what do you say? Are you now willing to tell me the truth?" Mara asked again. "If not, then I guess I will just let my men do their usual things until you die."

After a few minutes of silence, the bloodied man took a deep breath and looked at Mara again.

"There is no need for that. I will talk now."

"That's good news." Mara said with a smile. "Now tell me, who is the man behind the Jaguar's businesses?"

The man who stubbornly kept his mouth closed for the last two days is now spilling all the information Mara wanted to know. It is truly amusing how money can change other people's decisions. Money can make someone's life good or bad. Mara is still listening to him and keeps in her mind the important names he mentioned just now.

"Is that all?" Mara asked after he stopped talking.

"Yes. All of this information is verified and true." He answered and then he coughed. Mara ordered the guard on their side to give him some cold water to drink.

"Thank you for all the information you give to me. It will be very useful for our future transactions." Mara said as she slowly stands up from her chair.

"It is now your turn. You should keep your promise."

"Of course." Mara said and smile at him. "Akira, remove the ropes around him."

Akira was reluctant to follow her orders, but he still removed the rope in the end.

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"I can promise you that you can take a step outside of this warehouse safely." Mara said. "Now go. I still have a lot of things to do."

"About the deal—"

"It is currently in process." Then Mara gets her phone from her pocket and dialed a series of numbers. After one ring, someone answered her call. "Process the documents now."

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