1 Chapter 1

Blending with those socialites, a beautiful woman clad in a black fitted dress is observing her surroundings carefully. So far, she cannot see any problems within her vicinity right now. Seeing this, she loosened up a bit and get her own drink. She can see that everyone is having fun tonight, especially that Five Clover Casino is having an event to celebrate their upcoming anniversary.

Suddenly, she heard loud cheering from the table in the middle of the room. Curious, she walked onto the table to see what is going on. Looking at the poker table, the woman can see a man sitting in the middle of a crowd of people. He is also accompanied by some shady-looking guys, probably his bodyguards. Or his friends perhaps? A lot of high-valued chips are now piling on the table. It looks like he keeps on winning every round.

"This is insane! If this keeps up, the house will surely be going to lose its money!" She heard one of the onlookers said.

'Heh. Looks like someone is too lucky tonight.'

"Playing good tonight?" She asked while approaching the man on the table.

"I am just too lucky tonight, that's all." He answered the woman while gathering the chips on the table.

"Great. I would like to challenge you tonight." The beautiful woman answered as she takes the seat in front of him.

"And what is your reason, exactly?"

"I just wanted to make my first time playing here memorable." The woman answered him as she removes her fox fur coat so she can sit comfortably. "Don't worry. My friends once told me that I am not really good at playing poker."

"Then why are you challenging me right now?"

"I just want to spend all my money tonight, I guess."

The man silently looks at her. Those guys that stood behind him are whispering something to the man. She guesses that they are discussing if they will accept her challenge or not. Suddenly, the man shows her a business smile.

"Okay. I will accept your challenge, lady."


The woman talks with the pit boss and then he walks away. When he returns, the pit boss is holding a box that contains a lot of special gold chips inside.

"I'll be using this tonight." The woman in black declares to the man in front of her.

She can see the pure shock in his eyes when he saw the golden chips.

"How much do these chips cost?" He asked.

"Five million dollars each, sir." The pit boss told him.

"Five million dollars?!" He exclaimed.

A huge crowd of onlookers is now surrounding their table.

'Good. Now we have a lot of audiences.'

The woman moves her body a little so she can be comfortable in her seat.

"Shall I explain the rules to both parties?" The banker asked.

"We don't need that! Let's get started."

"Alright. This is a no-limit game. You will play until you're both out of money to bet." The banker told them.

Then their poker game starts.

At first, the woman keeps on winning in every round. It is because before she places the cards she's holding on the table, the man is folding his cards immediately. Not that she cares too much about it. But it is also noticeable that he is still smiling despite his continuous losing.

Just then, as if the tables have turned, the woman is now the one who keeps on losing. Those chips she had earned from her previous winnings are now on the man's side. When she draws a total of five cards from the deck, the man suddenly speaks to me.

"Why don't we bet all our money this round? You know, so we can have gone home early tonight?" He asked the woman while looking at her chips greedily.

'Too eager, huh?'

She can't blame him though. The woman bet that it is his first time to see a golden chip worth five million dollars.

"Okay." She answered while pushing the pile of golden chips at the center of the table. Those guys behind him count the pieces of gold chips she just bet. 40 pieces. 200 million dollars in one bet.

The woman suddenly sighs when she returned her attention to the cards in her hands.

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'Bad cards, I guess.'

The beautiful woman then throws the four cards, but she keeps the Ace Card. She draws another four cards on the deck and looks at it. The woman softly clicks her tongue when she saw the cards she has been holding. Happily, the man suddenly places his cards on the table.

Full House.

"I won! I won!" The man is shouting in pure happiness. He then focuses his attention on the banker. "Can I convert those chips into cash right now?"

The woman can't let help but chuckle a bit when she saw his silly actions. How pathetic. The man and his friends, together with those onlookers are now focusing on her. The woman bet they are all thinking that she is starting to get insane because she lost the game.


The game is not yet over.

The woman slowly yet sophisticatedly put her cards on the table.

Five of a Kind.

Four Aces and a Joker.

When she saw his flabbergasted expression, the woman clad in black dress mischievously smiles at them.

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