19 Chapter 19

Akira drives the car for thirty minutes until they arrived in front of a warehouse near the seaport. The people guarding the warehouse bow their heads the moment they saw Mara getting out of the car. She gave them a smile before telling them to stand up straight and continue what they are doing.

"Thank you for your hard work today." Mara said to her men before entering the warehouse. Akira is quietly following her from behind.

Inside the warehouse, a man is currently sitting on a chair with thick ropes tightly tied around him. His upper body is now full of deep scratches and wounds. His face is almost deformed and blood is dripping from his mouth. Mara stares at him for a while before she sits on the vacant chair in front of him.

The man in front of her is the right-hand man of the boss of Silver Jaguars, who recently tried to kidnapped and sold Mara abroad. He was able to escape when Ace sends Gael to deal with them at the villa. Unfortunately for him, Akira found him and captured him alive. Akira was determined to kill this man, but Mara stopped him since he might still be useful for them. Mara is trying to squeeze the answer she needed from him for the last two days, but he is too stubborn and tough.

"Did he already say anything important?" Mara asked the man standing behind her.

"Not yet, Miss." The guard holding a metal pipe told their lady boss. "We keep on beating him, but he never speaks a word about it. We apologize for that."

Then they bow their heads again to show how apologetic they are.

"Do not apologize. I am not mad at all of you." Mara said as she dismissively waved her hand. "This one is just simply loyal to his boss."

Mara rested her chin on her hand as she looks at the stubborn man in front of her. The man sluggishly lifts his head. She can feel his sharp gazes scanning her from head to toe. Then all of a sudden, he let out a forced laugh. Akira was about to punch the bloodied man, but Mara stopped him.

"May I know what makes you laugh just like that?" Mara asked with a smile.

"I am laughing at you." He said in a hoarse voice. "I did not imagine that a sophisticated person like you can wear something like that."

'I see. Well, I simply forgot that I am still wearing my sweater and pants. And besides, I did not bother to change my clothes since I am comfortable wearing this.'

"I am just a simple person. Of course, I can also wear these types of clothes." Mara answered as she touched her braided hair.

"You? A simple person?" The man asked then he let out a laugh again. This time, he is laughing naturally as if he heard a very funny joke. He coughed several times, but he keeps on laughing until tears formed in his eyes. After that, he slowly stopped laughing and took a deep breath. "You and your damn bullshit! You are not a simple person and we all fucking know that!"

"Okay." Mara said to him. Since it Is his opinion, then she will not stop him from thinking of it that way. "Anyways, I want to talk with you."

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When he heard Mara's words, he stopped talking again and lowered his head to hide his face. He is still not willing to talk. Mara looked at him and hummed while thinking of some ways to make him talk. She hates doing gruesome kinds of stuff to make someone talk so Mara has to think of some effective ways to get the answer she wants.

"You know that the Jaguars were already gone for good, right?" Mara suddenly asked. Mara saw him flinched a little which makes her smile. "I guess it was my fault. Not to mention, the Dragons also got involved with that incident which makes it easier to make the Jaguars vanished in just a day."

Mara's smile deepened when she saw him gritting his teeth in anger. Not bad. At least she is getting a good reaction from him.

"You know, I can also be a merciful person. If I want, I can also give someone another identity so they can live in a different country and no one can recognize them."

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