18 Chapter 18

"May I know what did you tell him?"

Mara turned her gaze towards Akira who is looking at her through the rear mirror. She just shrugged her shoulders before she reached for the box of chocolates that Akira always placed inside their car since he knows how much Mara loves it. She carefully opened the box and picked one chocolate then put it inside her mouth. The sweetness of the chocolate instantly melted in Mara's mouth and it put a smile on her face. Mara thought that nothing beats eating sweet chocolate after a long and tiring day.

"Miss Mara." Akira called her again. He is still waiting for her answer. Mara waited for the chocolate in her mouth to melt first before she answered him.

"What do you think of him?" She asked instead of directly answering his question.

"It is very obvious to me that Ryuu Mizushima is suspicious of you." Akira said which made Mara laughed.

"Oh! That is right. Ryuu never let his guard down whenever he sees me. It's kinda cute though."

"What about you? What is your first impression of him?"

"Hmm... Ryuu is very cool and handsome." Mara said with a proud smile. "I think he is more handsome than you."

As expected, Akira glared at her through the rear mirror. She really likes to tease this stern bodyguard of hers. Mara ignored him again as she gets another piece of chocolate to eat. She can still feel his glares through the rear mirror so Mara gets another piece of chocolate and move closer to him.

"Aww. Are you mad at me now? Do not be like that, Akira. Have some fun in life! Here! Have some chocolate too."

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"I do not like— Mmph!"

Mara pushed the chocolate she was holding on Akira's lips the moment he opened his mouth. He continued glaring at her through the rear mirror, but Mara just laughed at him again.

"Sweet, right?" She laughingly asked.

"Too much sweet will give you a toothache." He hissed. But still, he is slowly munching the chocolate inside his mouth.

This guy never changes. One moment, Akira acts as a perfect escort and bodyguard in front of other people. Then all of a sudden, he will instantly turn into Mara's strict adviser slash nanny once they were alone. Akira always knows when Mara wanted him to act as her friend and when he needs to act as her loyal right man. Mara is not complaining about it. But she just hopes that Akira will be a little nicer every time he gives lectures to her.

"Do not be such a nanny to me, Akira. You are hurting my fragile feelings." Mara said as she put her hand on the box of chocolate.

"Then please stop acting like a child."

"What? I am not childish. I am just a grown woman who knows how to have fun in life."

"Yeah, sure. A grown woman who needs to be busy with something important. But instead, she keeps pestering me and giving me a lot of problems most of the time." Akira mockingly said. "Also, I did not forget about your little scheme this morning."

"I am a good actress, right?" Mara proudly said. "Maybe I should be a real actress? It is more a realistic thing to do than to what I wanted to be though."

A huge silence suddenly filled the car. Mara nonchalantly munched her little sweets while Akira is carefully looking at her through the rear mirror from time to time. Mara decided to ignore his stares and leaned her back on the leather seat of the car. She looked through the window and watched the bright city lights illuminating the road.

"By the way..." Akira said to cut the silence. "Your grandfather called me earlier. He wants you to visit the estate again when things get calm."


"And I report all the things you are doing, as usual."

"You do love it whenever you see me suffer, don't you?" Mara asked and crossed her arms on her chest.

"I am just concerned about your future, Miss Mara."

"Big fat liar. You just want to have an act of small revenge for what I did earlier."

"If you say so, then I will not deny it."

"Bad. I want to have another bodyguard and no one can stop me from asking it to my grandpa." Mara said. "I want a bodyguard who always listens to me and never lectures me all the time."

"Then I wish you good luck, my lady." Akira said in a mocking tone.


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