17 Chapter 17

It is already eight in the evening. Mara and Ryuu are now sitting on a bench. Mara put a decent distance between them this time. Maybe she remembered what Ryuu had told her earlier so she did not try to push her luck this time. Ryuu told Mara to go back to the hotel after they finished walking around in Chinatown but she insisted on staying here with him for a while. Sighing, Ryuu turned his phone on and called Bern to bring his car to their location.

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"You know..." Mara started. Ryuu then looked at Mara and waited for her next words. "It surprises me that you did not leave me. Is it because I told you that I will give you a piece of important information or it is because I threatened you that I will scream to attract some attention? It is not like I have something in my hands to keep you, right?"

Ryuu did not answer her this time. He learned something today that if she asks him a silly question, it would be better to shut his mouth and let her do all the talking. Mara seemed quite amused by his silence and continued.

"Since you fulfill your promise, then I will also fulfill mine." Mara cheerfully stated.

"But before that..." Ryuu stopped her. "Answer this question of mine first. How did you know about me and the Dragons?"

"How should I not? Black Dragons is a famous group not only for their reputations but also for having a young boss. I can even hear news about the Dragons even when I am staying abroad." Mara said. Then she looked at Ryuu with a Chesire-like smile. "After having a lot of work to secure a deal, you will be having a meeting with the Crystal Tigers tomorrow, right?"


Ryuu was surprised that Mara knows that information. It is a piece of classified information because it was one of the demands of the Tigers, or rather their boss. The Crystal Tigers is also a huge mafia organization based here in Finrel City which rarely makes an acquaintance or negotiations with the other groups. The Dragons had a hard time making a deal with them. After three months of negotiations, they will be closing their partnership tomorrow evening.

Seeing his surprised expression made Mara laughed.

"I gave you a hard time, huh..." Ryuu heard Mara said in a soft voice. But before he can ask her more questions, a black car suddenly stopped in front of them. As Mara stands up from her seat, the same man he saw two days ago gets off the car and bowed in front of her. If his memory serves him right, that man is Akira.

"Hi, Akira!" Mara said as she greeted the man while waving her hand. "Hope I did not give you such a hard time today. Good job for that!"

"I am already used to it, but—" he cuts off what he is saying and lets out a soft sigh. "Nevermind. I am glad that nothing happens to you this time."

"Of course. The leader of Black Dragons is with me for the whole day anyway."

The man named Akira looked at him so Ryuu met his eyes with a glare. He maintained a blank expression before bowing his head a little and turn his head and look at Mara again.

"It is already time for you to go back to your room and rest, miss. You still have a business meeting to attend tomorrow."

"Oh. Okay!" Mara said. She was about to enter the car when she stopped and turned her head to look at Ryuu again. "Oh, right! I almost forgot. I promised that I will give you important information, right?"

Mara did not wait for Ryuu's response. Instead, she walked towards him and put a close distance between them. Ryuu can smell her perfume from this close distance. A combination of vanilla and lavender. Mara whispered something in his left ear. The things Mara just said confused Ryuu too much.

"Hope you remember it all, Ryuu." Mara said with a small smile before putting a decent distance between them again. "Thank you for today, Mr. Mizushima."

Ryuu watched Mara silently as she entered the car. This time, Mara did not try to look back at him again. He did not peel his gaze away from Mara's car until he can no longer see it.

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