16 Chapter 16

Ryuu just stand there and watched Mara for a while. He does not know what is the right word to describe her. Mara is too mysterious for him. She is too fearless and brazen like nothing can scare her. She knows a lot of unusual things which make her very suspicious.

Not only that, behind those smiles of hers lies a dangerous secret. Ryuu just only saw a glimpse of it when she threatened the leader of Silver Jaguars and Ryuu knows that there is still a lot of hidden threats behind her smiles. This woman named Mara Fujisaki is wearing a lot of masks. He wondered what is the truth hidden behind her masks.

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After a few times of playing with the Maneki-Neko's arm and talking to the old shop owner, Mara thanked the old lady and ran towards Ryuu. He thought this carefree woman seems to be enjoying her time for real.

"I should teach the feline in my house how to act like that figurine!" Mara informed him with a smile. Ryuu did answer her but it does not spoil her mood. Then suddenly, Mara pointed her finger to the restaurant across the road. "I am getting famished. I think we should eat there for lunch?"

Mara was about to go to that restaurant, but Ryuu quickly stopped her. She looked at him with a wondering gaze. Ryuu awkwardly avoided her gaze and speak in his usual tone of voice.

"If you wanted to eat something, follow me."

She did not ask more questions and simply followed him. Ryuu brought her to the restaurant hidden at the back of high buildings in Chinatown. If you wanted to find the most delicious food in a place like this, just go to the restaurants hidden from the eyes of the crowd. The waiter welcomed and guided them to an empty table near the window. Mara takes the menu from the waiter and opened it.

"Hmm... I think I wanted to try their steam buns. Or maybe their noodles? But their fried rice looks delicious too." Then she lifted her gaze from the menu and looked at Ryuu. "What do you think?"



"...Try the fried dumplings. This restaurant is famous for its delicious dumplings."

"Oh. Okay!" Mara said as she told the waiter what she wanted to order. Ryuu also placed his order and the waiter left their table.

While waiting for their orders to arrive, Mara is humming a soft tune while gently drumming her fingers on the table. She is sitting comfortably in her seat while sometimes happily observing her surroundings. Mara does not look like the type of woman who disapproved to go to places such as this. Ryuu should have noticed it earlier since she even changed her expensive dress into a hoodie and jeans.

"You seem like you are enjoying yourself." Ryuu casually said.

Mara looks at him with wide eyes before it turned into a pair of the small crescent because she made a happy smile.

"I am! Though originally, I was thinking of going to an amusement park today." Mara happily replied. "You should be grateful to me that I choose this place instead of an amusement park. With the suit you are wearing right now, I can already imagine the stares people will throw at us."

Ryuu scowled at Mara after he heard her answer and yet she only laughed at him.

"Though I think I did a good choice since I am having a lot of fun today." Her eyes were on the window, looking at the people passing by. "Thank you for coming with me."

Ryuu does not know how to read other people's minds, but he is very sure that Mara is sending her gratitude towards him with sincerity right now. She then stares at Ryuu and gives him a delighted smile. So this woman is still capable of being honest. Ryuu genuinely thought that Mara can only spout lies after lies while giving him her usual smiles.

After a few minutes, their food finally arrived and they started to eat. Mara happily munched everything and tried every dish on the table. Ryuu decided to let off his guard for a while and enjoy the food on the table with her. Surprisingly, Mara did not make him irritated and obediently eats her food.

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