15 Chapter 15

'Why do I need to follow this woman today?'

That is the main question playing inside Ryuu's mind right now. He got a day off today since he already finished signing the important documents on his desk earlier. He was about to go to his room and have a good rest when  Mara suddenly showed up on the elevator. He was planning to ignore her, but that woman pushed him back inside the elevator, brought him with her, and now he needs to comply with her stupid requests.

Who in their right mind will blackmail someone from the mafia like him? Vincent and Dice will never dare to do these outrageous things with him even though they likely involve him with their stupid jokes most of the time. But after meeting Mara, Ryuu is now pretty sure that she is a reckless, careless, and most importantly, a crazy woman.

It is a good thing that Ryuu does not need to wait for so long because Mara already stepped out of the changing room. She is now wearing a pair of jeans, a hoodie, and white sneakers. Very different from her sophisticated looks a while ago. Mara quickly braided her hair and tied a red ribbon at the end of it. Ryuu suddenly wondered how can a woman braid their hair properly without even looking at the mirror.

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"Do you know how to go to Chinatown?" Mara asked Ryuu after paying for the items she is now wearing.

"Why do you want to go there?"

"Just answer my question." She whined.

'Tch. Annoying woman.'

"I will bring you there. Let's go." Ryuu said then starts to walk away from the shop. Ryuu can hear her footsteps following him from behind. Ryuu is about to call Jack and tell him to fetch them. But the woman who is following Ryuu from behind quickly grabbed the phone from his hand, turned it off, and gave it back to him.

"We do not need your subordinates today. Let's just hail a taxi again to go to Chinatown. Okay?" Mara said with her usual smile and starts walking again.

Ryuu does not know if Mara is capable of seeing how irritated he gets whenever she talks to him like that, but she did not even flinch whenever he looks at her with his sharp eyes. Mara never did. As if Mara does not know what the word fear and intimidating truly mean.

Leaving him no choice, Ryuu chose to follow her stupid schemes for now.

After an hour, both of them arrive in Chinatown. The woman beside Ryuu is now having a delightful expression. Mara gets out of the taxi excitedly before waiting for Ryuu to follow her. In Ryuu's perspective, Mara is acting like a child today.

"It's so lively here!" Mara said with full of amazement in her voice. "And the buildings here are so beautiful!"

Ignoring her, Ryuu starts to walk again and she quickly follows him. Ryuu has no intention to suggest anything to Mara since it was her idea to come here today in the first place. Maybe Mara has a plan on what or where to go here in Chinatown. Ryuu suddenly stopped walking when he noticed that Mara is no longer following him.

When Ryuu turned his head, he saw Mara looking at a small Maneki-Neko placed on the table full of lucky charms. Mara tried to put her finger to stop the moving arm of the cat then released it. She kept on doing it until she giggled non-stop like a child. The old lady who was also the shop owner saw Mara and Ryuu heard her asking Mara if she is enjoying her time here which she happily said yes.

Ryuu just stand there and watched Mara for a while. He does not know what is the right word to describe her. Mara is too mysterious for him. She is too fearless and brazen like nothing can scare her. She knows a lot of unusual things which make her very suspicious.

Not only that, behind those smiles of hers lies a dangerous secret. Ryuu just only saw a glimpse of it when she threatened the leader of Silver Jaguars and Ryuu knows that there is still a lot of hidden threats behind her smiles. This woman named Mara Fujisaki is wearing a lot of masks. He truly wonders what is the truth hidden behind her masks.

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