14 Chapter 14

Ryuu's eyebrows creased when Mara told him that. Instead of explaining it further, she chose to ignore him and get her hair tie inside her pocket. Mara quickly tied her hair in a messy bun and remove her accessories one by one. Mara was thinking of looking for a shop that sells jeans and sweaters. Escaping from Akira while wearing high heels and a dress was not a good decision. As Mara ponders on these thoughts, the elevator door opens. Instead of leaving Ryuu behind, Mara quickly holds his arms and pulled him with her.

"Come with me. Okay?"

Maybe because he was surprised by her action, but Ryuu did not remove Mara's hands on his arm. Grabbing this rare chance, Mara quickly pulled him and walked towards the exit. Coincidentally, there is a taxi that is about to leave. Mara quickly stopped it and opened the door at the back. While holding Ryuu's arm, Mara pushed him inside the taxi and she followed next before closing the door.

"Bring us to the nearest mall, please." Mara said to the taxi driver. When the car engine started, she let out a loud sigh and rest her back on the seat.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Ryuu finally questioned her in an angry voice.

'Oh. I guess he already recovered from his momentarily shock.'

"Escaping." Mara simply answered him as she fished her phone inside her pocket. She quickly types the words 'Will unwind for a bit. See you later.' and send it to Akira before turning off her phone. And then Mara looked at Ryuu again.

"If there is a chance where someone will call you and ask if you saw me, just tell them you did not see me anywhere. Okay?"

"Why you—"

"If you tell a single soul about this,

I will shout in the middle of a huge crowd asking for help because you kidnapped me." Mara said in a joking manner.

"Are you blackmailing me?"

"Yes." Mara said in a hushed voice. "You do not want me to suddenly shout to the whole city that the leader of Black Dragons is kidnapping a normal citizen like me, right? Also..."

Mara moves a bit closer to Ryuu so she can whisper to his ear.

"If you will come with me today, I will tell you a piece of important information that you can't easily find anywhere. Trust me on this one. You can definitely use this information for the Dragon's future negotiations." After that, Mara put a distance between them and talked to Ryuu again with her usual tone of voice. "Do not worry though. I am telling you the truth this time. So you better comply with my wishes for today. Alright?"

She can clearly see the irritation on Ryuu's face. Not only that, but Mara also bet that he is now dying to ask a lot of questions to her on how can she speak like this knowing that Ryuu is a mafia leader. Mara lets out a laugh after seeing his face.

'Hells... My sadistic side wants to irritate him more.'

But she will settle a little bit for now. Mara will have to enjoy this little free time she got today. When they arrived at the mall, Mara holds Ryuu's arm again. But this time, Ryuu quickly removed her hand and put a safe distance between them.

"Stop touching me." Ryuu said in an irritated voice.

"Nope." Mara said as she holds his arm again. "Who knows if you will leave me in case I did not hold your arm. Also, remember what I told you a while ago?"


Ryuu removed her hand on his arm for the second time and looked at Mara straight to her eyes.

"Fine. I will come with you. But do not touch me again, woman. I will not leave your side, even if you do not hold me."

"Do not just call me 'woman'. I have a pretty name and you already know that. Anyways, let us go. I still need to buy some clothes."

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Confused, Ryuu looked at her thinking if Mara is currently on her right mind or not. She only shrugs her shoulders and walks inside the mall. It did not take long for her to see a shop that sells jeans and sweaters. Mara quickly grabs a pair of tight jeans and a pink hoodie. She also asked a sales lady to bring her a pair of white sneakers with her right shoe size before returning her attention back to Ryuu. Somehow, Ryuu looked uncomfortable and a little awkward while standing at the shop's corner.

"I will change my clothes for a while. Wait for me here. Okay?" Mara cheekily said with a smile on my face. Before Ryuu can say anything again, she quickly goes inside the changing room.

Ryuu can only sigh irritably as he runs his fingers through his hair.

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