13 Chapter 13

It has been two days since Mara's kidnapping incident. It has also been two days since she last saw the other managers. Aside from her surprising hectic schedule, Mara's friend slash bodyguard slash nanny keeps a very keen eye on her. Mara remembered when they returned to the hotel that night, Akira was already there. He may look calm and collected based on his facial expression, but the beads of sweat on his forehead will never lie. It was obvious that he quickly goes straight to the hotel to check on her.

Akira was about to leave the hotel when he saw them walking inside the lobby. Mara smiled at him as if nothing bad happened to her. Pursing his lips, Akira formally bowed in front of Mara before thanking the guys who saved her life, especially Ryuu. Mara was still planning to attend the auction that night, but Akira stopped her by saying there was an emergency with her 'business'. Mara did not want her friend to die early due to her hard-headed personality, so she told the guys who saved her that she will be leaving with Akira.

Mara passed a message to Dice to tell the others, especially to Ace that something came up and she can't attend the auction that night. But before she left, Mara looked at Ryuu for the last time. He was still having that blank and calm expression on his handsome face. She smiled at Ryuu and bid him a quick goodbye before she stepped outside of the casino with Akira.

As for the Silver Jaguars, the police take good care of it. Mara heard that Ace send Gael to the villa and let him do the rest of his work. Thinking about that situation, it really makes a huge sense to send Gael to the villa since Mara heard from the others that he is a police detective, though she is not quite convinced about it when she saw his personality and attitude the last time they had met.

After reading the last document for their next negotiation, Mara secretly looked at Akira, who is currently busy assembling the guns on the table. He seems a little lost in his own little world while doing it. It is complicated to explain their relationship. But during formal occasions, Akira is her personal bodyguard and she is his boss. As for Mara, she treated him as her brother. An overly protective brother. As Mara stands up from her seat, a pair of sharp eyes suddenly looked in her direction.

"What? I will just go to my room and change my clothes." Mara said and rolled her eyes. "Am I not allowed to do that now?"

Mara tried to act as if she was a little irritated with his actions so he will not suspect anything. He did not say a word for a while but he still nods his head. Mara secretly let out a sigh before she slowly walked out of her office. Mara may be Akira's boss, but during these moments, she does not know who is the real boss between them.

The moment she closed the door, Mara quickly make a beeline towards the elevator. She hardly pressed the button and waits for the elevator door to open. When the elevator door opens, the man Mara was thinking a while ago is now standing inside the elevator. Mara saw him frowned the moment his eyes saw her. But before he can press the button again, Mara pushed him inside the elevator and quickly pressed the button to close the elevator door. When she let out a sigh, Mara saw Ryuu looking at her with judging eyes.

'Let me guess? You are being suspicious of me again.'

"Are you hiding from someone?" Ryuu asked in a low voice.

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Mara blinked her eyes twice when she heard his question. She did not expect that, to be honest. Mara was expecting to hear a 'What are you doing' type of question from Ryuu.

"Yes." She answered. "As a matter of fact, it will just take him a minute to figure out that I escaped from him again."

Ryuu's eyebrows creased when Mara told him that. Instead of explaining it further, she chose to ignore him and get her hair tie inside her pocket. Mara quickly tied her hair in a messy bun and remove her accessories one by one. Mara is thinking of looking for a shop that sells jeans and sweaters. Escaping from Akira while wearing high heels and a dress is not a good option for her. As Mara ponders on these thoughts, the elevator door finally opens. Instead of leaving Ryuu behind, Mara quickly holds his arm and pulled him with her.

"Come with me. Okay?"

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