12 Chapter 12

So the rumors about the human trafficking business in their city were all true. And the perpetrators are none other than the Silver Jaguars. Ryuu sneered in disgust thinking how their group can do these kinds of things. Ryuu is not considering himself as a good person, but he can still determine what is right and wrong.

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As Dice released each woman in the cage, Ryuu suddenly heard a man's shouting voice on the third floor so he quickly checked on it. Holding his gun, Ryuu slowly opened the door where he can still hear the man's booming voice only to see the woman they were looking for sitting comfortably while the leader of the Silver Jaguar was ready to shoot her anytime. That woman looked surprised for a moment when she saw Ryuu, but she quickly recovered from her surprise and returned her gaze to the man in front of her.

"Looks like I will be leaving this place, after all." She said to the leader of Silver Jaguar with a mocking smile.

"Shut the fuck up!" He shouted at Mara before grabbing her right arm and twisting it behind her back. That woman did not even make a sound although that man treated her roughly. He then returned his attention to Ryuu and pointed his gun on Mara's head.

"Put down your gun or I will shoot her!!!" He said full of anger.

Ryuu did not say anything. While he secretly is looking for some blind spots around his opponent, the woman suddenly speaks in an amused voice.

"Funny. You keep on saying you will shoot me, but you never did." She said before she let out a chuckle.

'Is she trying to get herself killed?!' 

Ryuu did not know if she is just naturally reckless or just plain stupid. Mara turned her head a little so she can look at the man who is holding her.

"So what now? Are you going to shoot me or not?"

Ryuu saw a wave of pure anger in the man's eyes. He will definitely shoot that woman for real. But before he can do it, Ryuu pulled the trigger of his gun and shoot the man on his shoulder. The Jaguar's leader lets out a loud scream of pain and drops the gun he is holding on the floor. His grip on Mara's arm loosened and he crouched down on the floor while holding his shoulder. Mara, who is still standing beside him, picks up the gun of the Jaguar's leader that he dropped a second ago. Mara checked the gun if it is loaded with bullets before she pointing it at the man who is still crouching on the floor.

"Tell me..." Mara said slowly. "Should I pull the trigger or not?"

Ryuu is slightly taken aback by that scene. Mara's cool attitude suddenly changed. She really looked different at that moment. Ryuu saw a glint of bloodlust in her eyes. When he saw his hostage a while ago pointing a gun at him, the man let out a crazy laugh despite the pain he is feeling on his shoulder. After that, he gave Mara a challenging look.

"Do it! I dare you, woman! Shoot—"

Mara suddenly pulled the trigger without hesitation. A loud bang echoed inside the room. Ryuu really thought that the Jaguar's leader will die tonight. Fortunately or not, Mara did not shoot him directly. Instead, she shot the fallen tie pin near his head. After throwing a last amused look at the man who is still shocked at what just happened, Mara removed the magazine from the gun before throwing it on the floor.


"I did say I will pull the trigger, but I never said that I will be shooting you. What a moron." Mara explained. Her usual smile is now back on her face. "And besides, I do not want my clothes to be stain by your disgusting blood."

"W-Who are you r-really?!" The Jaguar's leader asked in a stammering voice.

"Me? Hmm... Let's just say I am not the usual kind of woman that you will easily meet in this city."

Mara gave the Jaguar's leader a small smile for one last time before she walked towards Ryuu who is silently watching the scene in front of him.

"Thank you all for coming here." She said not only to Ryuu but also to Dice and Bern who are now standing at the door. "Let's go?"

Mara did not wait for them to answer before she starts walking out of the door.

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