11 Chapter 11

As Jester tried to calm his girlfriend down, he can't help but frown when he heard what Lily had told them just a minute ago. Jester's hand reached for his pocket to get his phone. He dialed a series of phone numbers and waits for the other line to pick up their phone. Ryuu is just silently waiting beside him.

After the second ring, the person on the other line finally answered the call. Based on Jester's conversation over the phone, he ordered someone to checked every CCTV camera around the casino. When the call ended, Jester suddenly looked at Ryuu with a smirk on his face.

"You owe me something, right?" Jester said. Ryuu assumed he is talking about the favor he asked a long time ago. "You can now pay me by bringing Mara safe back in the casino before the auction starts."

Ryuu said nothing, but he looks at Jester with suspicious eyes.

"I know that you doubt her. Who knows? This may become your chance to know if it is worth it to be doubtful on her or not." Before Ryuu can say anything else, Jester starts to walk away with his arms wrapped around his girlfriend's waist. "You can get the details about her whereabouts in the lobby. My secretary is already waiting for you there. Be back before the auction start. Let us go, Lily."

Ryuu stands there for a while until he cannot see their retreating backs anymore. He let out a quiet sigh before fishing out his phone in his pocket to call Bern and Jack. Ryuu told them what they should do and asked them to prepare the car. He also asked them to alert some of his men nearby. Ryuu was about to leave when Dice walked towards him with a sunny smile.

"Boss told me to come with you." Dice simply informed him.

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Ryuu did not say anything more and starts walking. Dice can help him to infiltrate the place where they brought that woman. Ryuu can also use Dice's talent in disguising for tonight if needed. When the two of them arrived in the VIP lobby, Seth, Jester's secretary, is already waiting for them just like what Jester had said earlier.

Seth gave Ryuu a small piece of paper. Ryuu looked at it and saw a familiar address written on the paper. Outside the casino, Bern and Jack are already waiting for them. They get inside the car and go to the address stated in the paper.

"I can't believe they kidnapped Ms. Fujisaki just like that!" Jack exclaimed when Ryuu told them the situation. "Did they kidnap her just because she defeated him in a poker game?"

"That is a stupid reason if that's the case." Dice said as he checked his phone.

"But it may be reasonable for them." Bern interfered. "Their group is known for being weird. I also heard before that they are selling women in their black market."

Ryuu also heard that information before, but he did not give a care about it. As long as they will mind their own business and never gets in the way of the Dragon's business, Ryuu will never interfere with their own business too. But Ryuu thinks this incident will change it all. Tonight, Ryuu got an order to bring back the woman they abducted. If they will just cooperate with them, maybe they can finish it all in a peaceful way.

After fifteen minutes, the car stopped and they all arrived in a villa not that far from the casino. When they get out of the car, Ryuu saw two bulky men standing near the gates while they tightly gripped their holds on their guns. These guys are not fooling around. They mean business.

"Who are you? What business do you have in here?" One of the men questioned them.

"We are here to talk with your boss." Ryuu said.

"He is busy right now. Leave now or else."

Ryuu already knows that it will not be easy. When he checked the time on his wristwatch, they still have one and a half hours before the auction starts. Ryuu looked at Bern and nods. Bern got the silent message and called someone. After a minute or two, they heard some ruckus at the back of the villa. When the guards got distracted, Bern and Dice quickly move to make the guards sleep by hitting the back of their nape. As much as they want to end this in peace, Ryuu guessed that was impossible now.

They carefully enter the villa only to see some of the members of Silver Jaguar lying unconsciously on the floor. Ryuu's men already infiltrated the villa at the back to make a distraction. He ordered Bern, Jack, and Dice to checked every room and looked for Mara. As Ryuu scanned the room with his eyes, Dice suddenly called his name and asked Ryuu to follow him. When Ryuu entered the room, he saw a few women were put inside a huge cage. They were all afraid and shivering in fear.

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