10 Chapter 10

"Why should I? If I am destined to die here, then so it be. And besides, I do not want to be tired from screaming for help." Mara simply said. "My turn to ask a question. Why are you telling me all of this?"

"Simply because you can't leave even if you tried."

'Oh. I see.'

He is thinking that there is no way for Mara to leave this place until he sells her to his clients. Fine. Then let him think that way. He looks like a dumb pufferfish acting like a superior fish in a tank anyway.

"Is there any other women aside from me here?" Mara asked as she makes herself comfortable sitting on the bed.

"Of course. I do not want my business to fail just because I am lacking merchandise to sell." He said proudly to himself.

After that, he continued blabbering a lot of non-sensical things to Mara. This man is acting as if he did not have someone to listen to his stories before.

'What a pitiful man.'

But as the minutes passed, Mara is getting bored with his attitude and stories.

'Is it time for me to pop his happy bubble?'

"I wanted to ask you again a question." Mara said, interrupting his happy storytelling.

"What is it?"

"What if you accidentally involved an important member of a mafia group in your shady business, what will you do next?"

The man suddenly laughed when he heard her question.

"What a ridiculous question. I am always careful every time I do my thing." He said while still laughing. "But I will answer your question. If that happens, then I will just simply crush their group and make them submit to us. Then I got good merchandise and I also made my group powerful. Two birds in one stone."

"You are quite confident." Mara said before smiling at him. "I just do hope that when it happens, you are still that brave."

'He's a brave pufferfish. I will compliment him for that.'

But until where his bravery will bring him? Mara stretched her arms a little before standing up. The man she is talking with silently looks at her. Mara leisurely walks towards the door, but he stops her.

"I told you, didn't I? You can't escape from here, even if you tried your best."

"You did not understand, sir, whose-name-I-can't-even-remember." Mara said. "I am not escaping. I simply leaving this place."

Mara thought her words are making him annoyed since he is giving her an expression that if she did not return from her spot earlier, he will hurt her.

'As if I care.'

Mara simply shrugs her shoulders before walking towards the door again. Before Mara can even touch the doorknob, she feels something grips her left arm, and the next thing she knows, her back bounce on the bed where she took a nap a while ago. When she looks at him again, his mask finally fell. He's furious. If looks alone can kill, maybe Mara is a lump of dead meat right now.

"If you are not just valuable merchandise, I have already put a lot of bullets on your head." He said with gritted teeth.

Mara guessed that she really pissed him off this time. She sighs loudly before sitting properly on the bed. Fixing her posture, Mara looks at him and gave him a mocking smile.

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"Then go ahead, Mr. Pufferfish." Mara said. "Kill me. Shoot me until you're satisfied."


When Mara touched the last string of his temper, he grabbed his gun hidden in the pocket of his suit and focused it on her head. His hand is shaking due to his anger. To rub more salt on his open wound, Mara even fixes her hair in front of him and even gave the man a sweet smile.

"What are you waiting for? Shoot me. Kill me and face the huge consequences of your action."

"What are you saying?!"

"I am just stating the fact," Mara stated.

When Mara did not say anything more, his grip on the gun tightened. He decided that it is no use to keep a sharp-tongued woman like her anymore. The man is ready to shoot her head when the door suddenly burst open, revealing the man Mara did not expect to see in this situation.

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