Resonation Rebirth ProtocolResonation Rebirth Protocol

Resonation Rebirth Protocol

by ZaneLost

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A lost soul finds itself floating in a sea of darkness and meets a mysterious figure which calls itself 'God'. After conversing with the figure known as 'God' the lost soul is told that it activated a protocol set by the mysterious figure to find a successor candidate and test them in another world! Join the journey of this lost soul as it finds its own purpose in the grand scheme of things... [This is my first story so I’d appreciate any ideas or criticism you all may have! Just leave a review and I’ll be sure to read it and respond to any questions you all may have! Author out!] (Note: All of the characters and places in this novel are original, the only unoriginal part of the novel would be the power the main character wishes for. Everything else comes from my own head and will not follow the story which the power comes from.)

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