2 Chapter 2

On the other hand, Eddie saw Jill's beautiful figure disappear in the distance. Returning to his luxurious Rv, Eddie saw a beautiful woman who looked like a fantastic milf waiting for him; she had long blonde hair. She was wearing a white suit that looked very suitable for her body. In addition, her blue eyes further add to the level of beauty that is typical of western women.

She looks calm with an elegant aura, just like a queen.

That woman was none other than Alex Wesker! One of the thirteen essential people in Wesker's plans. Only she and Albert survived; there's no denying that this woman is an accomplished genius with an above-average IQ!

"Eddie, why are you suddenly planning this blind date?"

Alex asked without looking away from the tablet she was holding.

"Because I'm bored, I have been constantly monitored by Spencer. I did this blind date just for fun."

"When the time comes, I will get rid of that old man. Before I could do it, I was completely helpless."

Eddie replied with a wry smile.

The beginning of his friendship with Alex is a little complicated. Eddie argues at length with this cold woman, trying to convince her that he has been tricked and used by Spencer.

Of course, Alex didn't believe Edie's words. After all, he looked like a spoiled, delirious young man from the outside. But when she started to investigate more profound, it was confirmed that Spencer had been using her all along! She got tricked by Spencer!

Eventually, her relationship with Eddie got better, and now it could be said that they were inseparable partners.

"Then what about the great things you have promised me? Have you forgotten, or you neglect it?"

Alex turned off the tablet. She looked at Eddie while tilting her head.

She knows that there is 'Something' in her body. Think of it as a disease, like cancer. If not immediately cured, she will mutate into a monster or something terrible.

"I've researched a few things. Both serums and current medications won't work for you. Wait until the latest version of the Serum appears. When that happens, you will gain power and be cured without turning into a monster."

Eddie replied with a confident laugh.

"You are talking about the G-Serum, right?" Alex stared at Eddie, her beautiful eyes blinking a few times.

"No, I'm talking about another Serum, a Serum I made myself. I need some time to perfect it, don't you believe me?"

Eddie came closer to Alex. He kissed the woman's cheek. His hands wrapped around her slender waist.

Turning her face to another side, Alex said. "Of course, I believe you. No one else can make me believe other than you. You better not lie to me." A slight blush appeared on Alex's cheeks.

"Of course. Don't worry, your condition will get better soon. I promise!"


Inside a medieval-themed luxury Villa, Eddie sat on the soft sofa and lit a cigarette. This cigarette results from his research, ninety-nine percent safer than cigarettes in general.

Eddie continues to sort out essential data for his research. There are only three people in this villa. That person is none other than Alex, Stewart (Alex's trusted maid), and Eddie.

Honestly, he reads and watches his favorite novel, anime, or fan fiction. Almost all main characters got cheats or systems to help them reach the world's peak!

Unfortunately, Eddie didn't get that. Without a system or cheat, it's a bit difficult to survive, especially in this Resident Evil world. Which Zombies roam everywhere. Luckily God is kind enough to him. In this world, his brain is excellent, which makes him a little easier to plan things out.

With his excellent brain, Eddie desperately tried to replicate the G-Serum that was developed by William at this time. He was confident that he could improve and perfect the existing Serum with his abilities. All he needed now was time and patience!

Even without a system, it is possible to become strong like a superman! With the Serum, he developed. Power, Speed, even Immortality is not impossible anymore!

When Eddie was busy with himself, suddenly, the sound of the phone ringing was heard. The phone call came from Alex's cell phone.

Alex picked up the call; she kept nodding, her brow furrowed slightly. As if she got some wrong information from the caller.

Moments later, Alex hung up the telephone. She said to Eddie. "Eddie, Spencer just called me. He asked me to go to work on a new project."

"Really! Are you gonna leave now?" Eddie asked with a curious expression.

"No, he told me to get ready and prepare. However, the experiments carried out in this city (Raccoon City) are still the main project." Alex shook her head.

"Must be a project about Immortality or longevity thing, right? Looks like Spencer has taken action."

"That old man is so obsessed with it."

Eddie said with a sneer.

"You know everything, don't you? Weirdly, you keep acting like a spoiled rich man all this time."

Alex smiled sweetly. This man was very cunning, had been pretending to be an idiot all this time, but beneath that facade, he was an intelligent person! Even Spencer couldn't figure out his true nature!

"By the way, before your departure. Let's do something fun. It just happens to be quite late now. Let's go to our room and rest."

Eddie said with a big smile. He looked at this beautiful woman in her thirties with admiration. Even though she was already in her mid-thirties, her figure still looked like that of a twenty-year-old woman! What a beautiful woman, Eddie wonders why she's still not married. But hey, since he was Isekai'ed into this world, of course, the one who would marry her would be none other than *cough* himself...

Alex didn't answer Eddie's words. She just stared at Eddie's face blankly, after which she turned and walked towards the room with the high heels she was wearing. Of course, she didn't refuse Eddie's request!


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