1 Requiem of the Rose

Trudging in between shadows and dreams

You try to seek what remains of your innocence

You yearn to find even only remnants of your sinless self

Though nothing else was there but darkness…

Closing your eyes you desperately try to grasp

the memories long hidden deep within

Why only now when you've felt life's about to last

you found the courage to face what you vowed to have forgotten?

Shedding your thorns as your life fades away

Isn't this an irony of the path that you've chosen?

In all seasons you had tried to be strong

Why in the end you succumbed to the feelings you've forsaken?

Singing out loud of your bitter fate

Crying your anguish in silence

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As you let your petals fall on the very ground you hate

How much more pitiful can you get?

Restless, sleepless

The emptiness is tearing you apart

Loveless, hopeless

If you'd wither away then why didn't you just wither right from the start?

Whose fault it is that you're weeping?

Who is to blame that you're breaking?

Shattering in each step that you take

All because of the choices you have made…

Time can never erase all the pain

You might be gone soon yet the scars from your thorns shall remain

And this requiem for that sorrowful rose will be forgotten never

Your bitter-sweet existence will reside in my heart forever…

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