39 Become My Brother's Wife

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"What else can I do? Su Mian, I have no choice. Gao Da's father is the mayor. He gave my mom a 2000 eris betrothal gift and even agreed for me to go to town and teach elementary school."

Su Mian, I have resigned to it. My mom has already used that 2000 eris for my second brother's wedding next year."

"You know that my second brother's reputation is bad. No one in the village is willing to marry him My mom had a difficult time finding one for him back in my grandma's home village. The bride's side said they wanted 2000 eris. When my second brother saw the lady, his feet had been planted to the ground, so my mom had no choice."

The more Wei Min spoke her mind, the more gloomy she became. In the end, it became silent sobs.

Su Mian took her in her arms. It appears that this was the reason why Wei Min was married to the Gao family.

It was only now that she realized that not every parent would treat their daughter well.

After encountering such a huge tragedy in the previous life, who knew what thoughts her mother had afterward?

Su Mian would save Wei Min from living hell in this life no matter what. However, she was an outsider, making it hard for her to take action, herself. She needed to find a way to tell Wei Zhen Hui, but she did not know when she could meet him.

"Wei Min, you should immediately write a letter to your big brother tomorrow. I feel that you should tell him about this matter. He is the only one who can save you now."

Wei Min raised her head as if she had seen a bit of hope, "Su Mian, can I really do it? Can my big brother really help me? From my memory, my mom does not like my big brother. If she was in a bad mood, she would hit him for a while, and he would not retaliate. No matter what my mom did to him, he would always endure it. In the end, he joined the Interstellar Army. He would not come home even once. My mom says that my big brother has the heart of a wolf and lungs of a dog, telling us not to have any relation to him."

In that year when Wei Zhen Hui and her broke up, Wei Zhen Hui still cared about her, so how could he not care for his little sister?

"Silly girl, he is your big brother. If he did not care about you, then who would? Also, you should not let anyone at home know that you are writing to your brother. You should keep pretending that nothing has happened just like before."

Wei Min strongly nodded her head, "I understand."

"Therefore, the thing that you should do now is studying. Don't think about anything else. Our time is short with only five months left. Let us work hard together. If you have anything that you don't understand, come find me. I will help you."

"Su Mian, you treat me so well. I don't know how to thank you."

Wei Min hugged Su Mian. Although they were the same age, Su Mian made her feel like she could rely on her. She suddenly opened her eyes and naughtily said, "It would be better to add in my letter to my big brother that I have found him a beautiful wife!"

Hearing this, Su Mian's face reddened, "Truly good, Wei Min. I helped you with heartfelt sincerity and you actually tease me?"

"I am not teasing you. What I'm saying is real. My big brother is not yet engaged."

"Who says that I am willing to marry him?"

"Oh, so you aren't willing! Then I'll tell my big brother that the wife I found for him does not fancy him!"

"Bad girl, watch how I hit you!"


At the hillside, Su Jiang Hai was teaching a few apprentices on how to pick wood. There were many different types of wood quality. Those that were suited for making furniture were also different. However, in the current era, all furniture was made with real wood without any contaminants.

At this time, a black jeep was driving towards them from afar. The mountain road was craggy and slippery due to the ice and snow, so the jeep moved slowly.

As the sun sets in the west, the golden brilliance draped like outer clothing over the silvery earth.

Su Jin Long placed his hand overhead to block the afterglow of the sunset. He fixed his gaze on the jeep without blinking, afraid that it would suddenly disappear from his vision.

"Dad, what's that vehicle doing?"

Su Jiang Hai was currently introducing wood to his apprentices. When he heard Su Jin Long's question, he unhappily said, "They're here to bring you to the Interstellar Army."

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