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What is REMEDY

Read ‘REMEDY’ Online for Free, written by the author Fairyanna, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, SUPERPOWERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Eloise Remedy Bloom has always had extraordinary powers of healing passed on from generation to generation to her. She n...


Eloise Remedy Bloom has always had extraordinary powers of healing passed on from generation to generation to her. She now heads her family's remedy shop in New Orleans quite well and is content to spend the rest of her life there. Miguel Raphael Jacobs Jr may have it all, money, power, success, and looks, but he suffers from an illness that seems beyond modern medicine. He has given up all hope until he hears about Remedy and her little shop. But can love truly conquer all, even sickness?

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Reborn General and Mad Concubine

She disguised herself as a man, resolutely joined the army, fiercely swore the world, and achieved a generation of famous generals in the Xuanwu Continent! He dominates the world, marries concubines and follows his wife, conceals the glory and favor of heaven, only to give her a lifetime of peace and joy! ◆ ◇◇ In her past life, she gave up martial arts for Ailang, gave up inheriting the swordsmanship of the Flower Family, and even cut off her robe to betray the family. She thought she would have a happy life, but she didn't want to meet her in a bone etching hell! My elder sister came with a smile and used the family's secret swordsmanship, one sword, to send her life away. He came coldly, ignoring his young son's pleading and choking his throat! He said that marrying you is just to take away your inheritance rights, and sweet words to you make me feel nauseous. He said, to give birth to this evil seed, but to make your grandfather no longer the most important person to you. He said, 'Take away your inheritance, execute your grandfather, kill your son, and destroy your family, all for the sake of me and Linglong staying together for a lifetime.'. Sister Jia smiled brightly and lowered her head, saying, "Sister, you are so foolish!" The truth is, it's actually like this—— Hate! Hate! Hate! ◆ ◇◇ She turned sixteen again, and when she opened her starry eyes like a dark abyss, she clenched her fingertips and pursed her vermilion lips, secretly swearing to herself: in this life, she will definitely rewrite her past life! She won't let the family's secret laws fall into the hands of others, she won't give up inheritance rights, she won't let her grandfather die with hatred, she won't let the family collapse, let alone trust him anymore! She has been abandoning martial arts and studying for a long time without any internal strength foundation, and her useless reputation is outside. How can she rise up? The lover of her past life came to her door, sweet words and vows of loyalty. She gave a cold smile and threatened to win or lose in the martial arts competition, Xiufu! Selection of family heirs, internal skill competition, martial arts competition, she wielded a sword and swept away her old reputation! Outsiders besieged, and the family was in danger. She laughed wildly with each sword and repelled the strong enemy, saying, "Those who offend me, even if they are far away, will be executed!"

DaoistMUAUWc · Fantasy
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57 Chs
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