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Reliving the past to the fullest


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What is Reliving the past to the fullest

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Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.”Standing alone with no one to share his joy and sadness. sam Kaiser A 50-year-old man lived his life with full of regrets being a person with full of bad luck, worked as a doctor to save life to bring happiness in his life Sam who suffered a lot in his life was unable to motivate himself to succeed after the failure of his major examination in the secondary the school which traumatized his self-esteem, a few years later by the time he can recover to move on with the life he lost his parents in a car accident, by the time he can recover from the death of his parents, his 6 years old younger sister was diagnosed with the last stage of Thyroid Cancer, as he was an unsuccessful graduate and a middle class he can't find a good job at the time so he had to work 3 jobs to pay for his sisters medical bills but still, he can't save her baby sister. one day, after a tiresome day he bought her sister's favorite caramel candy, went to the hospital to visit her but by then she was in her last breath. Sam body just froze, there was full of silence all around him he can only hear his heart rate that beats faster than usual, he was looking at her unconscious sister outside the small window of the operation room. The doctors were trying to bring her back with the electric shock but no use there was no sound of her heartbeat showing in the monitor. At that time a part of his soul left him, but there was something within him that changed overnight. He was scaringly calm, with no tears, no sadness, no life left in his eye. Years have gone by Step by step he overcame his adversity and became a successful doctor that saved lots of lives. whenever he save someone he feels like saving his sister that died that day. By the time he realized he was 60 years old bachelor, he cannot find happiness in his personal life as everyone he cared was dead. Although he loved a woman in his secondary school life due to his failure he was ashamed to talk to her and he lost touch with her and his friends and there was no time to waste on personal life as he was busy trying to become a doctor to save a life. Today was his death anniversary of his sister so he was preparing to visit her funeral and his parents. While he was walking across a street he saw a little girl in the age as her sister, holding a small teddy bear on one arm crossing the street with her mother. as she was crossing she dropped the teddy bear so she quickly went to pick it up but then out of nowhere a heavy truck pop out of nowhere and was on the way toward the little girl.sam didn’t hesitate and jumped out to push her out of the way. The truck just smashed him and he flew away and heavily landed on the road path by his head. Blood sprayed out of his head and was spread all around him, he tried to move but he cannot he tried to open his eyes but he was in so much pain he cannot even open. He only heard a crying sound of a little girl beside him thus he know he saved her. He was happy at that moment although he was sad he cannot save any more life but was happy that she saved that little girl. He felt like he saved his sister. Now he can finally rest in peace and meet his parents and his sister. mama, papa, and sis, I did my best with my abilities to live and saved a lot of lives now can I come to you happily. Did not know how long passed full of darkness huh…………………………… I wanted to bring the story forward like the summary but something changed, read it to find more about it.

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Oh my god i love it when the asura af destruction plucked out that old mans heart,although some grammatic errors other then that i loved the novel


I think this is an honest review I can give as an author.hehe support me more guys,i try my best to give more updates soon as possible and try to review my work and suggest how you all feel of the flow of the story


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